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Friday 23 April 2010

Fingers Crossed: Thu Apr 22, 2010 Corrie Episode Review


Written by Joe Turner, directed by Dominic LeClerc

After the nasty car crash, it’s Tyrone to first awake. He sees a bleeding and unconscious Molly and goes to search for his mobile. It would appear that Molly hadApril-22-2010-Molly-Injured cushioned Tyrone’s fall in the crash, if things weren’t bad enough. Tyrone races into the country road looking for his phone and manages to flag down a car and the driver phones for rescue. Meanwhile, Molly awakens and calls for Tyrone who returns to tell her help’s on it’s way. Molly fades back into unconsciousness as Tyrone begs her to stay awake. Kevin, parked not to far away, hears sirens and follows the ambulance. The fire trucks arrive and start to get Molly out of the vehicle as Kevin drives up and runs to the scene. He’s stopped by the police who holds him back but Kev yells to Ty, who is surprised to see him there. As they’re trying to get Molly out of the car basically using the jaws of life she worries about whether or not her baby is okay. Molly’s out and Ty runs to her side as she’s swaddled in rescue foam to be taken to the hospital. Kev tells them he’ll follow the ambulance in the truck. Molly seems shocked to see Kevin there. Kevin couldn’t look more troubled, as he even sheds a tear as the ambulance drives away with Tyrone, Molly and her baby inside. Was he shedding a tear for Molly or what could be his baby?

April-22-2010-Tyrone-Kev In the hospital, Molly explains to the doctor what happened. Tyrone goes to get himself checked out while Molly is examined by an orthopaedic surgeon. Kevin finds Tyrone and asks about Molly but they won’t tell him anything or let him see her. Tyrone is worried that something might happen to the baby and Kevin does nothing to console him. He asks Kevin how he got to the crash so quickly and Kev admits that he was looking for him since he knew the brakes weren’t good on that car. Tyrone loses it since his wife and baby were in danger because Kev hadn’t fixed the brakes. Tyrone points out that Kev’s been acting weird for days now and he should never have trusted him. Finally! Saved by the doctor, as Tyrone can see Molly now and answer his questions. The doctor tells him they’re not 100% certain everything is okay with Molly and the baby yet – they’ll just have to be patient and keep their fingers crossed. Always a good medical treatment – the old finger cross. April-22-2010-Llloyd-Cheryl

At the Streetcars office, Lloyd is wittering on the phone about ketchup stinking the cabs up when Cheryl walks in and up to the docket. He notices her there and drops all. Cheryl apologizes him to him for the way she acted towards him at her club. She asks if she can put his number in her phone since it’s about time she had the number of a decent bloke. By decent bloke, does she mean the man who currently has a woman living with him under the pretence that they’re an item? Cheryl wonders if Lloyd judges her for her occupation, but Lloyd does nothing of the sort telling her he could have been a stripper. Puh-lease. As soon as Lloyd and Cheryl get close Theresa pops her head in for a look about. Lloyd April-22-2010-Lloyd-THeresa introduces Theresa as “Theresa” and she adds “my girrrrrlfriend.” Awkward moment ensues. Cheryl might want to retract her earlier statement about Lloyd being a decent bloke right about now. Cheryl hears the first cab come in and gets out of that office like a bat out of hell. When she leaves, Theresa immediately knows that Cheryl’s a slapper and wonders if she’s off to meet her pimp. Of course Theresa would be able to spot that. Theresa asks Lloyd to buy her some cans and she’ll take him places he’s never dreamed of. Nope, more like the stuff nightmares are made of I’d say judging by the look on Lloyd’s face.April-22-2010-Sunita-Sophie

Sophie’s dressed in her Rosie-Attire and goes to Dev’s to buy a load of crisps with a bad attitude, as per usual these days. Sunita sees that one of the packets is an old favourite and suggest that her and Sophie share it – on the house. During their junk food nosh, Sophie asks Sunita if she can remember the first time she kissed someone she really liked. Sunita says she was five and the boy, Barry Johnson, stuck out his tongue and pulled her hair. She then asks Sunita how she knows if she’s in love. Sunita has no idea. Sophie wants to know what will make it better. Once again, Sunita has no clue. Sunita tells her that if this first “boy” doesn’t like her, another one probably does. Sophie tells her there is – Lee. Sophie thinks she’s just alright and she might have ruined it with him last time. Sunita tells her that if it’s right, then it’s feels right.

- The very prompt rescue team that came to Molly and Tyrone’s aid. Hats off to the people in service.
- Sunita being so kind and friendly with Sophie. Is she preparing herself for when Asha is a teenage girl?
- The look on Theresa’s face when she spots Cheryl sat cozy in the cab office chair with Lloyd, and her adding “my girrrrlfriend” after he introduces her simply as Theresa.

- Kevin’s face couldn’t LOOK more guilty.
- Poor Molly! What a terrible accident.
- Sophie’s rotten little “poor me” attitude as of late. Moody teenager or what?
- Sunita quick to call Dev’s shop HER shop. She just moved right on in there, didn’t she?
- If Lloyd finds Teresa so repulsive why doesn’t he just dump her?

Overall Episode Rating: 5.5/10
Drama: 8/10, Humour: 5/10, Classic Corrie: 4/10, Wow Factor: 5/10


Tvor said...

I was impressed by the car crash and rescue though the ambulance and crew must have been waiting just over the hill to arrive that quickly! I don't mind Sophie at all, i feel bad for her. She's got a one sided crush and has apparently lost her best friend!

Chris M said...

It was nice to hear another reference to Fat Brenda in the Streetcar office. Do you think we'll ever see her on screen?

gab said...

did u hear kevs flippant response to when ty said i hope we dont lose the baby

wot will b will be or something like that

jsut coz he wants rid of it-nasty man

he kept trying to defend himself over not finishing the car well i had a thing with sophie-who cares u dont expect a doctor to run off mi surgery because his daughter is crying do u

get a grip kev

Sea Penguin said...

re. Fat Brenda - I'm intrigued and would love to see her "in the flesh", as well. I also really like Sophie, Brooke is a super young actress and don't agree that she's doing a "poor me". I look forward to seeing how this storyline evolves. Thought Teresa was GRRRREAT and just totally gutted that she's to be leaving.

gadgee said...

I think given what she's going through Sophie has every right to feel a bit sorry for herself. Yes, she's a moody teenager but so what? Aren't they all? I know I was. I agree it was nice to see Sunita being lovely with Sophie.
Lloyd is a "decent bloke" but, yeah, he probably should just dump Teresa. Maybe he thinks if she suspects he's going off her she'll poison him. She has got form.

gadgee said...

Maybe Fat Brenda's actually really slim and they call her Fat Brenda in an ironic way, like Curly because of his straight hair.
Remember the oft-mentioned Boris the butcher? He eventually appeared at least once. Wasn't he supposed to be Ashley's best man at one of his weddings, but something went wrong?

Sea Penguin said...

I vaguely remember a Boris, and wondering at the time who he was. I also remember mention of a "sink estate" which had a name, but can't rememebr what it was. I think the Windasses lived there before arriving at Corrie, and there was a major villain(?loan shark?)on the estate, as well.

Anonymous said...

wouldn't you be a bit moody if you were going through what Sophie was going through?

And emotions tend to be well amplified when you're a teenager as well. Surely, you can't be THAT old that you've forgotten? ;-p

Roys Roll said...

All right Anonymous calm down calm down.

Anonymous said...

oops, computer had a problem ;-p sorry.

Tvor said...

There. All cleaned up :)

Boris was actually a sort of semi-regular when Ashley and Fred first had the shop. He was a bit Kirk-ish and clumsy actually and quite funny. Ashley did mention him once or twice when he first laid off Kirk saying he could only afford two full time butchers (him and Boris) but hasnt' mentioned him since and now he's hired Graeme instead of rehiring Kirk like he promised.

Anonymous said...

thanks for clearing that up!

Also, I always liked Sunita as a character. Even though it makes no sense for her to move into Maria's house instead of keeping that amazing house she currently has; it is nice to have around the street.

and oh, am I the only one who's totally ignoring this 'Molvin: the aftermath' story line? I'm pretending it doesn't exist in hopes it will just go away....

Aimee said...

I feel bad for Theresa. Lloyd just sort of fell into the relationship with her because he was lonely after losing Liz. He treats Theresa just like a warm body. You're right! If he finds her so awful he should just break up with her or should never have gotten involved with her in the first place.
On the other hand, Theresa kind of forced her way into his life and he's a typical, weak Corrie man. So he didn't really stand a chance. haha :)

gab said...

i always wondered myself why he didnt rehire kirk after letting him go coz of money

kirks been trying to get a new job for ages so wot does ash do hire someone else!

doesnt make sense


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