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Tuesday 21 December 2021

Festive Fisticuffs For Fiz’s affections? Corrie Blog Chats To Alan Halsall & Jamie Kenna, as Phill & Tyrone Fight on Christmas Day!

With Mimi off the scene, and Phill moving out of Number 9, you could be forgiven for thinking the wheels were in motion for Tyrone’s return to the heart of his family (and Fiz's heart) for Christmas? Wrong! In what promises to be a comedic battle for her flame-haired affections, Coronation Street Blog spoke to Alan Halsall (Tyrone) and the (surprisingly cockney) new boy Jamie Kenna (Phill) to learn all about this Christmas Day funny fracas!

Hi Jamie, The relationship will Fiz has gone well so far, but Mimi has soured the nest a bit?

Yes and No. Does it beg the question of whether that has happened in previous relationships? He loves Fiz, really into her, and I think this is the wake-up call to temper that relationship with Mimi. He needs to cut the apron strings a little bit.

How did you land the role of Phill on Coronation Street? 

I auditioned for a different part a few years ago. It was a close call, between me, and the guy who eventually got the job. The feedback was good, but you hear that all the time and I disregarded it. Years later, my agent put me up for the part of Phill (six or seven episodes) and offered it straight away. So, I auditioned for this part a few years ago now. And, when mentioning my accent (Jamie is from London) they were unsure whether I would be cockney or do my northern accent. I just got offered the part (without auditioning) and they weren't sure, so they had to call upstairs and decide on it. Getting the job, I mean, it’s Coronation Street, it’s iconic! I've been acting for 22 years now, but to step on the cobbles on that set, is very special! I always remember a scene when Ken Barlow punched Mike Baldwin, that stuck with me, and now I’m on the show. Incredible! 

Talking about Corrie love rivals, like Ken and Mike, Alan (Tyrone Dobbs) has joined us for the interview! In the run-up to Christmas, the battle between Phill and Tyrone is now warming up.  

Alan, would you say Tyrone has now realised what he’s been missing and wants Fiz back? 

I would say that Ty has realised and in the hardest way possible. He thought the grass was greener with Alina, all in his own making, and every time he looks across Coronation Street, he sees the kids and Fiz and realises just what he's missing. He wants Fiz back, but has this very tall stumbling block in the way!


Jamie, do you think Phill is aware of the fight on his hands? Or is he not that concerned at the minute? 

At this stage, I don’t think he’s aware, having not witnessed anything directly of Tyrone’s real feelings. He's aware of some animosity, it’s a bit awkward, and that he wants to offer an olive branch. Phill is not quite aware of the full extent of Tyrone’s regret, nor the battle that he faces at Christmas! 

Phill has booked a winter log cabin for Fiz and the girls. How does he feel when Fiz tells him she can’t go? Does this set the tone for Christmas Day? Maybe he’s now not in the best of moods? 

That's an interesting one. He had it all planned out, he took Tyrone out for a cup of tea and got his permission. He was looking forward to it, and he has taken a shine to the girls, but he’s a nice guy and tries to put a positive spin on it. He is disappointed.

Alan, when Fiz and the girls turn up on Christmas day, does this put Tyrone in high spirits? 

Not at the beginning of the day, no, he’s planning discount fish cakes with his Nanna! It’s hardly the greatest of Christmases, his family are away, and he's having to listen to Evelyn telling him it’s all his fault. So when he opens the door and sees his girls there, it makes his Christmas. 

What makes Tyrone try and kiss Fiz? Is it the Christmas alcohol, festive reminiscing, or does he just misjudge it, and think that Fiz would reciprocate? 

I think it’s a mixture of all of those things! They’ve had some Christmas drinks, he feels settled being back at number 9, and he thinks Fiz has come back because of him. Tyrone is very capable of misreading things! He misreads it, and Fiz puts him straight. 

Jamie, How does Phill feel when he finds out about the kiss?  

He’s not happy! I think it’s the first time you will see another side of Phill. He's a nice guy but can only be pushed so far. He’s not happy when he finds out. I don’t want to say too much but it’s certainly a tipping point! 

Alan, things soon descend into a typical Corrie Christmas. What can we expect to watch? 

Rather than it being a typical fight between them and using fists, they use things lying around the house like Christmas decorations etc. Phill uses his six-foot height to his advantage. It was soo much fun, inflatables, marigolds, and we hope it will put a smile on peoples faces at Christmas. We couldn't waste this opportunity. We get on so well in real life - a real bromance!


Thanks to Jamie and Alan for a brilliant zoom session. 

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