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Friday 10 December 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review; Wednesday 8th December 7.30 & 8.30

It may only be the 2nd week of December but with the Christmas Market and parties, festivities appear to have begun early in Weatherfield! Well, maybe for some, at least. Daniel Osbourne may have received a very unwelcome present: unemployment! 

Can Max’s jealousy derail Daniel’s promising teacher career? The fall-out from the Ice Ball does anything but melt tonight and Summer's crush causes cobbles carnage. I like this a lot. Billy is seething and anything that gives the vicar some drama (aside from actual archdeacon work) is good by me. Putting Paul in the middle of it also works well. I guess Todd was too busy burying the dead, but that fire and brimstone biblical dialogue between the two only heightened the fact that there is still passion between Paul and Billy?  Paul misconstruing it as grooming is also clever. I even enjoyed the well-constructed police interview! 

I felt sorry for Daniel, and, as I'm old enough to remember Ken Barlow's teaching trauma's, let's hope this is the first and last for Mr Osbourne. Who knew an energy bar and a misplaced poem could cause so much trouble?! Daisy's subtle side was also a surprise and a surprisingly well-balanced approach to Daniel. Maybe she has some redeeming features after all?  

Phill’s nice-guy persona, adoringly affectionate of Fiz and the girls, has left Tyrone in an emotional quagmire, feeling not very festive at all. He wants his ex back in his life, and with things running smoothly for the couple in recent weeks, Tyrone has become sidelined watching the blossoming romance,  giving consent for a Christmas getaway for the girls, and Phill has even moved into Ty’s house for a bit. All subtly done, with plot and cast in place for Phill’s harmonious festive birthday celebrations. However, this is soapland, and in the (glaringly obvious!!) absence of Evelyn to ruffle feathers, Corrie has quickly introduced Phill’s haughty, snooty, snobbish Mother Mimi into the mix and it works well. I’ll admit, I find her ridiculously irksome, I want Evelyn back, and Ty and Fiz back as a family unit. Which, I guess, is the way this is going to go? 

Anything involving Steve and Tracy is top-drawer Corrie for me, and Amy’s grade predictions saga was laced with Corrie humour. Steve’s impression of Tracy ‘playing her tapes’ ‘minge bag’ and classic banter between this brilliant duo, was a real treat. At least we can instil some Tracy into this whole Curtis debacle. Tracy diving into Daniel’s strife, and tearing a strip off of Billy, was also good. My two favourite characters at war, and what war this could be. 

Tonight’s Corrie had bathos in abundance, and with some brilliant writing - which is what Coronation Street is all about. With Christmas just around the corner, I think the tone is now set! 

Elsewhere on the street - Michael struggles to look after Glory and discovers the truth about Grace’s disappearance. Meanwhile, Stu is still harbouring blame for the Speed Daal inferno. 
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Humpty Dumpty said...

Viewers thought Sally and Kevin would get back together. Now I couldn't think of a better partnership than Sally and Tim. Mimi/Beryl will need a personality transplant if she's to stick around. Evelyn softened and stayed; Gloria (Stella's mother) didn't. Viewers soon got bored with her and were pleased when she left. Ty's ex, Alina(?), may reappear with their baby which would take the storyline in another direction. I enjoyed the scene with Daniel and Daisy, telling him he'd blurred the lines. You could argue that Daniel was naive in his dealings with Summer, but it wasn't entirely altruistic. He enjoyed the adoration which he was well aware of. I do get fed up with the obvious plot devices of all the professionals living on the street where they bump into the clients/pupils/patients every day - particularly Dr Gaddas, Craig and Daniel.

C in Canada said...

I have a feeling they're going to try and reunite Fiz and Ty, but just as it looks like it's about to happen, Alina will show up with Ty's baby which may or may not derail everything. I look forward to it though!

I hope Daniel's career can move past this. He will learn from it and move on.

Anonymous said...

So Phill’s big birthday bash was attended by his mother, his girlfriend, his girlfriend’s ex and his girlfriend’s friend. Great party eh?!

coconno196 said...

As a former teacher I am pretty sure that nowadays teachers are advised never to see students alone, and to keep classroom & office doors open. Daisy's speech to Daniel was spot-on. He blurred the lines by seeing Summer in his flat and even the café. This was unwise behaviour for a neighbour anyway, and definitely inappropriate for a teacher.
I love the Steve/ Tracy/ Amy scenes, and hope Fiz sticks with Phill if he continues to stand up to his awful mother.


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