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Monday 6 December 2021

The Week In Classic Corrie

MONDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 17th and 19th September 1999

Les continued on the rampage against Spider and Toyah's relationship so she decided she could no longer live under the same roof as him.  Spider persuaded Emily to let Toyah spend the night as she had nowhere else to go, but when she caught them in bed together, she insisted Toyah had to leave.  Spider said he'd go with her.  Danny turned up on Sally's doorstep and told her he wanted to be with her and they ended up sleeping together.  Sharon, on the other hand, pursued Danny, desperate to know why he didn't want to be with her.  He admitted he was seeing Sally and Sharon went ballistic.  Vera gave Judy a lift home from Freshco, but as they left the car park, they were T-boned by an old man.  Vera took the car to the garage and they discovered it was a cut and shut.  Jack was convinced that Terry must've known about it when he sold it to his mum.  Judy, meanwhile, was left with a limp.  I'm sure it's nothing.

TUESDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 20th and 22nd September 1999

Sharon was livid with Sally for betraying her.  Sally told Rita they'd not done anything until after Danny dumped her, but she still disapproved.  Meanwhile Sharon took solace in booze.  Toyah and Spider ended up kipping at Curly's, much to his disgust.  Janice was upset that her daughter was sofa surfing.  Ashley had his stag do at the golf club, but the stripper Fred had hired wasn't allowed to perform, so he ended up so bored he went home.  Maxine meanwhile had a hen party in the Rovers, which was delightfully raucous, even though half the guests were pushing 60.  Melanie appeared and agreed to be Maxine's bridesmaid, having sorted out a wedding date in Mauritius, and Tom arrived too, because he's totally coded as gay without actually being a homosexual.  And Judy's leg was still hurting her.  Oh, it'll be fine, I'm positive.

WEDNESDAY - Episode originally broadcast 24th September 1999

It was finally Ashley and Maxine's wedding and the families happily fussed around them.  At the church, Ashley's birth mother Kathleen watched from a distance, but at Fred's encouragement, she made her way over and appeared in the photos.  Ashley made it public that Fred was his real dad and he kicked Audrey off the top table to make room for Kathleen.  Meanwhile Melanie - Maxine's bridesmaid - decided to have one last fling and slept with Tom in the bridal suite.  Classy.  Sharon saw Danny and Sally snogging and sobbed with despair.  She hammered the booze, then called Ian, her former fiance, and left a message on his machine calling men scum.  She began to take some pills.  Judy stayed at home while Gary did his best man duties, chatting to Emily and putting a wash on.  She went to hang the washing out in the yard... and collapsed.  Emily found her sprawled over the cobbles and called the ambulance.

THURSDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 26th and 27th September 1999

Ken tried to revive Judy but she was already dead.  Natalie fetched Gary back from the reception and he sobbed as he realised his wife was gone.  The doctors concluded that the wound on her leg had caused an embolism that killed her, and Gary realised it was the shunt in the car that did it for her.  Jim admitted that Vera's car was a cut and shut.  Sharon came to, full of regret, and Rita discovered her.  She admitted she'd not really wanted to die - she just didn't have any hope any more.  However, she got an unexpected visitor the next day - Ian, who'd been worrying about her depressed voicemail.  

FRIDAY - Episodes originally broadcast 29th September and 1st October 1999

Fred began to make a play for Kathleen, wanting to pick up where they left off decades before.  It riled Audrey who realised she wouldn't get so much attention from him.  Gary told the Duckworths that it was the car crash that killed Judy and they were distraught.  He demanded Terry's address, and while they didn't give it to Gary, Jack did call him and told him what happened.  Vera blamed herself.  Terry turned up on the doorstep and denied knowing the car was dodgy, but Jack knew better.  After Judy's funeral, Jack told Gary how sorry they were and agreed to tell the police - only to discover Terry had already stolen the car and driven off.  Elsewhere, Sharon apologised to Natalie and Sally for her behaviour, Spider and Toyah's sexcapades made Curly uncomfortable, and Mike asked Linda to move in with him.

It's hard to reconcile the emotionally fragile Sharon Gaskell of 1999 with the taser wielding gangster's moll of 2021.  If you have a theory about what changed her in the intervening 22 years let me know on Twitter @merseytart.

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