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Sunday 19 December 2021

A Happy Christmas Wedding for Emma? Coronation Street Blog interviews Alexandra Mardell.

What a week it’s been for Emma Brooker! Shattered by the truth of Curtis’ factitious heart condition, she’s lied to Steve, confided in Amy, and been blindsided by her fiance’s charity fundraiser and promises of psychological help. Emma may be the daughter of Steve ‘Seven Weddings’ Mcdonald, but is the barmaid/hairdresser even going to get through one? 

As Coronation Street heads into Christmas week, we donned a Christmas jumper, downed a mince pie, and joined an ITV Corrie Zoom session to chat with actress Alexandra Mardell who plays Emma. We learnt all about Curtis, Christmas, Saying Yes to The Dress, and what Corrie has in store for Steve Mcdonald's ditsy daughter!

Hi Alexandra! How did Emma feel when she found out the truth about Curtis, and why would she forgive him? 

She is devastated! Curtis is the prince she was looking for! It's so typical of Emma’s romantic life, something is bound to go wrong! Such a shame as this is 'the one'. Emma is willing to do anything to try and make this work!

Emma confesses everything to Amy. Why do you think she did that? 

Well, keeping such a big secret to herself, she can't cope with it, and Emma is such an honest person. It's just a relief to be able to share it with another person, it's what she needs to keep going, so she confides in her sister. Despite what Amy says, she is a bit of a mini Tracy, Emma decides to go ahead with the wedding, Curtis has decided that this is the best thing to do

Steve has got close to Curtis and has taken him under his wing. Is Emma worried about how the family will react if they find out the truth?

Steve has trusted in him, and with the fundraising support, he has become part of the family now. It makes it worse because Steve wants to put her happiness first. It's not going to go down well. She wants to keep everything under wraps until the wedding is done then all Steve can do is forgive him. 

That is Emma's plan, but Amy decides to tell Steve the truth anyway! How does Emma feel when she finds out? 

Well, I would be fuming(!) but Emma is so lovely, she understands that Amy has her best interests at heart and was only trying to help. Maybe a part of Emma feels a bit of relief that everyone knows now and, this is it, she wants to go along with it and has no hard feelings towards Amy.

How is she feeling on the morning of the wedding itself?

She's terrified and nervous! how everyone feels before their wedding. But when there have been lies already...she’s just feeling hopeful, and so in love! I think that overrides everything.   

What is going through her mind when she’s stood at the altar? 

Everything! It's like a rollercoaster. She’s thinking; should I go ahead with it? Should I not? Will Curtis even turn up, will he not? Should I run off? 

Is Emma confident of him even turning up? Could she doubt all of his lies? 

I think by this point- there is doubt. It's the bride that's supposed to not turn up, isn't it? So yes, there are some doubts for Emma now. 

Would you like to see Emma have her happy ever after? 

I would, yes! I don't know if Curtis is right for Emma, yet she is happy with him. I believe she thinks she can help him, so yes why not. She had enough heartbreak in the past!

Why do you think Emma has been so unlucky in love?

I don't know! I mean, she does try as much as she can. Maybe she expects too much or is a bit too full-on. I think she falls for the wrong person and has an idealised vision of love. 

Out of all the boyfriends she's had on Coronation Street, who do you think Emma would be most suited? 

Well, I think David was a mistake! It was a shame that it never worked with Chesney, Seb had potential, but ultimately Curtis is her prince charming, her true love, and they are a good match. 

What was it like filming a Corrie Wedding?  

It was strange, lots going on at this wedding, it was like being in Disneyland! I never thought I would be filming a Corrie wedding at Christmas!! 

You have also said Yes to the Dress! in real life. What was it like planning your wedding and then filming a Corrie wedding too?

The best of both worlds! Emma’s style is the complete opposite of anything I would do! It was nice to get a look and feel around at things I would never wear but enjoy them. Emma’s dress is very ‘Emma’. It was the first thing we tried on (with the Corrie costume department), and we tried a few more, but that first one was a perfect choice. 

We definitely agree ... 

Thank you, Alexandra and congrats on your forthcoming real-world nuptials!



So, will Emma get married this Christmas, or will her unlucky love streak continue with Curtis? 

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