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Sunday 12 December 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 10 December 2021

I am sure Fiz hopes we have seen the last of Mimi/Beryl and Phill also appears to have outstayed his welcome.  He tells Fiz the bathroom is finished and she is soon encouraging him on his way.  He is perturbed and feels pushed away telling Fiz that he is leaving her door keys on the side.  She puts him straight - he will be welcome to come and go - but it is a bit crowded and he is lucky enough to have his home to which to retreat (above) and not just a shed.  Ty spots Phill loading his car and jumps to the wrong conclusion - Phill is sticking around and he and Fiz and the girls are going away at Christmas.  Fiz keeps smiling mysteriously - is she perhaps having taking pleasure from the support and company of two competing male influences in her life?

Curtis is living a strange life; apparently he cannot accept being fit and well assures everyone that despite his "heart condition" he can yomp up Three Peaks and back.  The wedding funding discussions continue in the Bistro.  Tracey insists that the flat money goes on Amy's education in London, but Amy overhears and feels that she will not be going to that there London and Emma decides that maybe 5 bridesmaids might be too many.  It looks like Amy will use grandma Deirdre's trust fund and it will be a sensible size wedding.

Later (above) after Curtis has allegedly departed on a tram we see him meeting the above gentleman (credited as Dennis played by Neil Rowland) {around the back of Roy's Rolls if I'm not mistaken}.  Apparently Curtis and his condition are giving a talk to the "members" tomorrow.  So the duplicitous heart condition goes far further than anyone might imagine.  And he is not doing the Three Peaks - so how will he post it all over "social media site of the week" as he tops those heights?

Elsewhere Max is being Max.  He has a prepared apology for the head saying sorry for smacking Daniel who has understood from dolly Daisy's diatribe earlier in the week how he had permitted Summer to get the wrong impression (except that a lot of that misinterpretation was down to Summer overhearing a discussion between Daniel and Adam).  Never mind, everyone else has decided that Daniel is innocent (as indeed we know he is) and so Max has to apologise to return to school.  David and Shona coach him on what to say and how to say it.  Max simply announces "I'm glad I hit him.  I wish I hit him harder.  He's had it in for me since he started and now he's been getting off with Summer.  Probably other girls too.".  So is awarded continuing suspension and the intention of a request that the governors make it an expulsion.  Daniel still thinks his teaching career may be over.  Daniel does however make it up with Paul who moves back into the flat.

We have a knicker stitch-up in in the factory with Fiz, Sally and Beth gossiping about the fire being started for insurance, Daniel getting smacked at the Ice Ball (Beth reminds then all that Daniel is a good boy being an honorary Tinker) plus Fiz and Ty at the Bistro.  Hooray, factory is BACK!  Sarah has a meeting with a new supplier who plays hardball and his assistant (above) who is sympathetic Lydia (Debbie from Shameless) and suggests that Sarah may be off-colour because she is pregnant.  She isn't but later Sarah and Adam decide that perhaps they can have some fun getting pregnant!  

Much of this evening's "entertainment" centred around the money laundering and the aftermath of the Speed Daal fire.  To be honest I have struggled with the quality of the villain Hashim who has probably assured himself  a regular panto villain spot for the next 50 years - bring back Harvey and his attempted kidnap of Leanne when they could not touch.  The insurers seem to think it is an accident and will pay out but the police have received "intelligence" that the fire was started deliberately.  The insurance money has to be spent on repaying Hashim, paying off Elaine so she can fund Faye's appeal (I honestly do not think that would cost very much given Ray's change of mind) plus redecorate the restaurant - and of course Yasmeen does not know what Alya, Zeedan and Ryan, a story so complex that the participants have to keep telling each other what is going on.  Eventually Hashim decides to remind the youngsters of how much he wants clean money and the insurance pay out as well and whilst making his point has a fatal heart attack (bit late for a panto booking this year).  Ryan attempts CPR (above) but with no success.  All because Zeedan cheated on Hashim's daughter and nicked some cash.  Just about everyone gets a police interview whilst this is happening - they seem very confused - and can you blame them - and tell Alya that they want to read the books {honestly - surely these days everyone has a computer print out from Sage/Xero/other accounting systems are available} as they are aware of Yasmeen's financial problems prompting a reminder that a year ago today Geoff took a dive off the roof.  Under pressure, Alya comes up with a story which involves Hashim kicking in the back door, threatening them for no good reason and dying, putting the keys to Speed Daal in the boot of Hashim's car and his own keys back in his pocket.  

Having convinced Zeedan and Ryan to back up her story and all having given police statements at the end of the episode Alya suddenly has a slight showing of her conscience (above).  Hopefully by next week it will be completely forgotten.

So is Lydia as nice and sympathetic as she seems?  Will it impact the baby-making?  Will Hashim's family turn up seeking money and revenge?  Will Daniel go back to teaching?  Will Curtis and his lies be found out?  Will Max enjoy his extended holiday?  All this and more no doubt next week.

And before I go it was welcome to see the factory back at work (until next week obviously) and in other scenes some larger groups and slightly less distancing.  No farewell hugs for Curtis before he left but the restrictions are slowly being relaxed.  I remain convinced that the whole Mimi story was a re-write to gloss over something else - it felt shoe-horned in.

Written by David Isaac and David Proud and directed by Richard Lynn.


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Anonymous said...

Of course,Fiz is enjoying the attention from both Phil and Tyrone,that's why she started dating Phll in he first place to make Tyrone jealous! Nothing more!
Unfortunately Fiz didn't need to marry Tyrone to get her greedy paws on his house as she has no qualms about letting Phil stay in Tyrone's house otherwise she would have moved in Phil's place with Hope.

C in Canada said...

I don't think that's how it is at all with Fiz.
Tyrone was the one who tore her life up, and so I don't blame her for wanting to move on at all.
She's been in that house for years now, dutifully looking after both her own AND TYRONE's child, when she could have just take Hope and moved out. She's stayed to give the girls stability instead of tearing their life apart further. Greedy paws indeed! If that were the case she'd be insisting her name was put on the deed. As it stands, she has no legal right to the house at all.


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