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Monday 6 December 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 6th December

At Weathy High's Ice Ball, which mainly seems to be some tinsel in a garage (it's not really Enchantment Under The Sea, is it?), Max films the set-up for his documentary and quizzes Summer about who gave her a lift home. Summer prevaricates, but Max witnesses Daniel touching Summer's arm and slipping an energy bar into her bag (she has skipped lunch because she thinks she's fat, compared to Daisy). Max looks inside and finds the extract from Sonnet 43 by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. He downs some vodka and accuses Daniel of abusing his position and sleeping with Summer. Daniel relays this to Summer who accuses Max of having a crush on her and tells him that he's a stupid little boy. This goes down as well as you might expect and Max grabs the mic from the deputy heard and makes a public accusation as well as punching Daniel and sending a vid to everyone's phone.

The Baileys visit Adam to get advice on getting full custody of Glory. Grace agrees to sign a letter saying she's an unfit mother (for £20K) and Aggie and Ed take custody of Glory - without telling Michael anything about it. Michael runs after Grace and tries to persuade her to stay, but she's made up her mind and leaves by tram. Does this mean that Grace is off? For good? Ironically, I am starting to like her now that the writers have decided she's the Queen Bitch and not giving her any redeeming features.

How much do I love Mimi? Let me count the ways. One, her overbearing ways explains Phil(l)'s  general sappiness; two, her magnificent snobbery and fabulous dress sense; three, she gets on with Sally like a Speed Daal on fire, and four, she's a good (temporary) replacement for Dame Maureen of Lipman, who seems to be on holiday. Mimi goes shopping for some party dresses for the girls (fabulous in taffeta) and for Fiz, an off the shoulder number in sparkly teal. It's very nice and Fiz is supremely ungrateful. Mimi, you can be my mother in law anytime. Fiz complains to Tyrone about Mimi and Phil(l) and Tyrone surprisingly bigs up Phil(l) and tells the Fizzster that Phil(l) intends to take her and the girls away for Christmas. We'll see, shall we?

Liar Liar Pants on Fire Curtis says he's going to do the Three Peaks Challenge to raise money for Oliver's fund. Emma suggests she come with him, but Curtis refuses. I bet he's going to take a taxi some (all) of the way.

Stu is on the mend and tells Yasmeen that he didn't start the fire (but it was always burning, since the world's been turning). Yas doesn't believe him and shouts at him for lying. Debbie returns the stolen food-truck to Zeedan (she's such a prankster! Jeremy Beadle must be turning in his grave) and Zee returns the cash to the world's worst gangster Hashim - why didn't he just take over the restaurant to cancel out Zeedan's debt? Then he could launder all the money he wanted.

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Anonymous said...

What were the writers thinking with regards to the Max\Daniel\Summer storyline?
I don't find it entertaining to see Daniel's good name dragged through the mud due to Max' spiteful false accusations about Daniel and Summer.
I am not looking forward to seeing this storyline drag on as it won't end well,with Daniel possibly losing his job as a teacher and Max getting away with destroying Daniel's reputation.
I do like Mimi as anyone who can antagonize Fiz has much as she does,is good in my book!
I think it's time for Fiz to be brought down a peg or two and perhaps now she'll appreciate Evelyn even more.

Humpty Dumpty said...

These days, I often find that I type a comment, read it back and then decide it's too negative to publish. I'll make an exception tonight. Max grabbing the microphone to 'expose' Daniel was laughable. Phil's mother doesn't have any redeeming qualities to offset her awfulness so she'll have a short shelf life. The young male characters aren't well-written - Max, Zeedan, James & Michael are boring. Have to say that Sam's great, though. On the other hand, the young females are interesting - Summer, Amy, Asha, Faye. Perhaps it's easier to write for teenage girls.


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