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Friday 3 December 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review; Wednesday 1st December 7.30 & 8.30

Is Curtis a 'Walter Mitty' type, a hypochondriac, or just a bit of a conman? Tonight the storyline is moved on a tad, and I've still no idea where this is going?! Curtis attends his consultation, which proves his heart is beating soundly, and aside from that scar (from a childhood operation), he is perfectly fit and healthy. So what is his secret? A hypochondriac story, in the middle of a pandemic, does carry a clever curiosity to it. Either that, or he’s some kind of conman or related to Steve’s dodgy past, somehow? My only concern at this stage (besides that I cannot take to this character) is that this ends up being another Corrie crime caper and related to Oliver’s benevolent fund, e.g a cash steal? Remember, that’s how the character came into the story, originally. Anyway, Curtis covers his tracks by lying about the consultation to Emma, and, it transpires that his Dad is not dead after all. He’s very much alive and turns up at the Bistro. 

It seems Curtis is hiding something, but what is it? Emma is well-known for her ditsy naivety (with a charming childlike innocence) and remains clueless. She's too busy with Sean and Beth in the factory, who (in the longtime Corrie tradition) offer to make her wedding dress.  

We aren’t supposed to like Grace, are we? I very much do, however, and I hope she causes as much trouble as possible for the Bailey clan! I’m always a fan of a trouble causer on the cobbles, and well, I think it gives the family the edge and a drop of excitement. It’s most definitely needed!. So far (sofa), so good, and although you can’t condone getting drunk with/or without a baby present, she sure knows how to rile up Agie and Ed. Like I say, when it comes to that Bailey clan, this is drama needed. I also enjoyed Bernie stirring it, and although it seemed she was a friend of Grace, she chastises her for leaving the kid at home. Has Grace made another enemy on the street? 

Good to see the Christmas Market in full throttle. I'd like it if they made Clint (mulled wine hippie guy) a permanent character? He reminds me of Spider Nugent! 

Still unsure why a brainbox like Summer would get entangled in a teenage crush, but hey ho, dashing Daniel has courted Daisy for a bit now, so it must be his Barlow genes. Summer fails to catch his eye, even though he has now split up with Daisy, again? I'm confused (!) as I thought it was all pretence (again). Anyway, I think the Oxford Uni wannabee may be better concentrating on her entrance interview instead! 

A bit of a strange story strand, but as a fan of the lovely Daisy ( I do love a trouble causer on the street) I'm guessing we can expect some confrontation scenes soon with the two girls?

Written by long-time Corrie pen Ian Kershaw, tonight did include a touching reference to #WorldAidsDay. It would have been ace to have seen Billy & Yasmeen do a scene or two down the gay village. 


Elsewhere tonight - Homeless Stu is invited to a free meal at Speed Daal, whilst Alya, Zee, and Ryan try and rescue the restaurant from financial ruin!

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Louby said...

I may be wrong, but I feel like the Corrie writers want usti be rooting for Daniel and Daisy to get together. I don't feel that way however! I find Daisy pretty dull, and I'm still disappointed that she didn't go off to Ibiza or wherever with Ryan.

Anonymous said...

I can't help but think that Summer's crush on Daniel is a recycling of Bethany's crush on Gary[who was engaged to her mother at the time] and sadly that storyline did not end well just as I fear neither will Summer's.

Anonymous said...

Daisy has I think shown a few more layers than when she first arrived on the scene - oh how I hated that character at first. Still not my favourite. Grace I just don't find interesting. There is nowhere for her character to go. She and Michael are not a match, never bought them together. "Rabble-rousers" should have some character, some backbone, or at least bring some great drama and/or humour....I feel Grace does none of those things. Not a well-written character. If I'm honest, all the Baileys are boring...except I do like Aggie. Summer...oh dear, I know teenagers can be attracted an older man, and Daniel has some attractive qualities, but please I hope they don't embarrass her and have her throw herself at him.


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