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Saturday 11 December 2021

Corrie Festive Fun For Fiz? Jennie McAlpine Chats To Coronation Street Blog

Fiz is heading for Christmas, hopeful of having a happy one with Phill and the girls. This week she reaches the end of her patience with Mimi and asks Phill to move out of Number 9! How will Christmas pan out for Fiz? Will Fiz stay with Phill, or will she fall for Tyrone all over again? Coronation Street blog put on a Christmas Jumper, downed a mince pie, and joined ZOOM to chat to actress Jennie McAlpine, who plays Fiz Brown, to learn all about it! 

Hi Jennie! What a year Fiz has had on the street! Can you some up everything she's been through, and what is Fiz hoping for this Christmas? 

It has been an unpredictable year! We were very surprised when the writers split Fiz and Tyrone up - a bolt out of the blue! It’s been a surprising year and one where Fiz has tried to get used to a new way of life. She wants peace this Christmas I think, and some babysitting from Evelyn!

That’s not what she’s going to get though is it? 

No, not what she expected, as with things between Phill and Tyrone. When it's suggested that Phill had booked a log cabin for them, well, she's had never been treated like that. It’s INSTAworthy (it says in the script), it's how other people live, and that is what Phill means to her. But the reality is that the girls want to stay at home with their Dad and Evelyn. 

Soon, we will see Tyrone make it clear that he still has feelings for Fiz. Do you think she still loves Tyrone or has she moved on? 

Well, this is a thing, I think she is trying to move on with Phill. My answer is: she would have loved for Tyrone to have not done what he did, ultimately tearing the family apart. She's not interested in the Tyrone that exists now- she wants the one from before, one that wouldn't leave her for Alina. However, she was there for him when Kirsty died and Alina left. They have all of that history. Her heart knows it is with him, but it’s difficult for her. Phill is giving her things that Tyrone never gave her. 

We have seen a rivalry between Phill and Tyrone, but they remain on good terms. However, things change drastically on Christmas Day. Can you tell us what happens?  

Tyrone does not handle Christmas Day very well. He starts the day quite miserable, with his nanna and they are planning to have some half-price fishcakes from Devs. It’s not the Christmas he was planning! Then, Fiz, the girls, and Phill turn up, then Phill disappears to his Mother. There’s also a pigeon that’s involved, an injured pigeon, and Tyrone gets a bit drunk, misconstruing a potential rekindle with Fiz, it all goes wrong. And then, it ends with Fiz and Evelyn rolling their eyes at Phill and Tyrone arguing, and unless the directors have cut it, it involves a pink inflatable unicorn! 

Has Fiz had enough from both of them? 

Yes she’s had enough and all the girls have, but it ends pretty gorgeously. I don’t know how we filmed it in the pandemic two-metre filming kind of time, but there’s a gorgeous ending - for us and the viewers. An altogether moment!

Tyrone lays his cards on the table, but Phill then asks her about the girls calling him ‘stepdad’ and maybe buying a house together! Is this a surprise for Fiz? 

Yes, they’ve (Phill and Fiz) have some sort of argument but are then friends again. She says ‘don’t worry about the girls, you don’t have to be their stepdad’ but he says he’d like to be. I think she’s flattered but then realises it’s going fast 

Who do you (Jennie) think that Fiz should be with? 

I think, possibly, she could have had a bit of time on her own and been with no one! But here we are. She could have gone down the ‘girl power’ route and looked after the girls with Evelyn, but rather than be on her own, Fiz got with Phill. I understand that people do that but, she could have had some time on her own. Choosing between the two, it would possibly be Tyrone. Maybe they could have Phill as a lodger?!!

Going into the New Year, it looks like things won't be any quieter for Fiz? 

Well, I don't think so, no. Hope is just bubbling/simmering under the surface! I don’t know why Phill would say he’d like to be a stepdad to the two girls - both a nightmare! And *spoiler alert* I'm pretty sure we filmed some scenes in the back of a police car for New Year, too 

Thanks, Jennie! 


Are Fiz and Ty to be reunited at Christmas? Can we guess anything from that interview? Aside from some comedic Corrie on Christmas Day (inflatable unicorn, anyone?) I guess this soap love triangle will carry on into the New Year!

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Anonymous said...

How can Phil be a 'stepdad' to Ruby,she's not Fiz's daughter only Tyrone's!So if Fiz and Phil move,then Ruby would have to stay with her father in HIS house.
I find it strange that we never seen Phil with Ruby only Hope!


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