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Thursday 16 December 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review; Wednesday 15th December 7.30

Sarah and Adam remind me a bit of Maria and Gary. Two attractive characters are put together, acting as a Corrie conduit, in bringing other characters into their orbit. A few years ago, when Sarah married Adam, I rejoiced at the bringing together of Houses Barlow and Platt, and we’ve certainly had a splash of drama (primarily the Carla affair) thus far, yet they’ve remained relatively strong. Suddenly bringing Adam’s Mike Balwin Esque lothario past into the equation though? Surely problems are afoot? Tonight, Sarah goes for another drink with girl crush Lydia who also has her little son, Finn, in tow. Meeting Sarah and Adam for a mulled wine, Lydia recognises Adam and swiftly leaves. It transpires that Lydia is one of Adam’s many many exes! So, what about Lydia’s little boy? We’ve already had Nick with his long-lost little son, Sam, is it Adam’s turn? 

Curtis’s hypochondria, fake illness, and pill-popping peculiarity have finally come to the fore. What will Emma do? For all of her naivety, innocence, and seeing the good in people, I do wonder why (Emma, being the prodigal daughter of Steve and Fiona) is soo blind to this absolute weirdo? Neither of her parents would have put up with this! Visiting the hospital, Emma meets his consult and is denied any medical info, Emma tracks down his stepdad (another lie) who's less guarded, and not bound by any medical confidentiality. Emma then confronts Curtis with the truth, and like I say, for all her naivety, innocence, and good bones, why the chuff is she with this guy? I do hope she sees sense before the wedding!

Sally’s councillor persona is a stroke of genius. A story arc that the snobby nosey neighbour ex-mayor has long held, and I love it!. Coronation street's parking problem and red rec proposal are hot potato issues for the Community Q & A session. Before the meeting, Sally gets a visit from a Beavers Nook (lol) development rep, her ego soon primed by talk of posh houses and wine evenings, all very Hyacinth Bucket! Even everyman Tim is roped in by the promise of a football gig. I did enjoy Tim's shout for the working man (chumocracy, social housing etc) - a great example of the episodes strong writing. As we know, Maria is already an opponent of the Red Rec development and uses this as an excuse to launch her campaign to run against Sally!  I predicted this weeks ago but, in times of trouble, we need this familiarity from Corrie. Sally for Mayor, then? 

Whilst Max continues to cause David parental nightmares (Corrie's poetic justice) Audrey's had another car accident, with her eye-sight getting ever worse. Is this a retirement storyline for Coronation Street's legendary hair doer-upper? 

Elsewhere tonight -  Zeedan consoles Miriam, and gets a gobful from Kelly about Stu’s innocence. 
Tonight’s Corrie was only a half-hour slot, but I must admit, I do like it nightly! Let me know what you think. I am @rybazoxo on Twitter,  your self-styled cobbles connoisseur 

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coconno196 said...

Yet again Audrey's eyesight is seen a a serious issue about which she is in denial. Surely nobody gets to their mid seventies without needing glasses for reading or long distance, if not both?

Anonymous said...

coconno, I agree with you 100%, for God's sake Audrey get your eyes examined!

Humpty Dumpty said...

Young people are addicted to social media. I assume Curtis has deleted all his accounts. Has it ever been brought up? Doesn't ring true that Emma wouldn't haven't been scouring social media sites for info about Curtis and somewhere to post their beautiful photos. Amy, at least, would have been very suspicious the sites can't be found. Admittedly, the first thing I would think is whether Curtis is his real name. But that's a path the writers didn't go down.

Charles said...

Loved the writing this week with the Sally and Maria story, it's a lot of fun. Hopefully Hashim dying will allow us to get the old Zeedan back, I'd really like to see him share some scenes with Leanne as they used to be close and he's missed a lot of developments in her life.

I think that Adam being the father of Lydia's son is far too obvious, but if this is the route we're going down I really hope he turns to Nick for advice about how to rapidly adjust to fatherhood rather than ignoring the huge similarities in their situations.

C in Canada said...

My first thought when it was shown that Lydia had a young son....Adam's?
Hmmm, time will tell!


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