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Friday 3 December 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 3 December

Evening Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review.

The terribly-boring-money-laundering storyline continues, as Zeedan finds that the Speed Daal van where he’s left all the dirty cash, (cunningly concealed beyond the wit of any thief), has disappeared. When his vertically challenged ex-father-in-law finds out, he tells Zeedan that he will arrange for the restaurant to be burnt down so that they can claim the insurance money. When Zee refuses, he’s told that it’s either the restaurant or his nan’s house. Zeedan doesn’t have much luck with wives does he. The first one was so bored by him she left him for the intensely irritating Kate Connor and the second seems to have been a member of the Corleone Family. 

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the rest of her family Yasmeen has decided to give Stu the keys to Speed Daal so that he can cook a meal for Zeedan and impress him into giving him a job in the kitchen. That’s the second person in a week who’s given Stu the keys to an empty building. I’m surprised he ended up homeless with those skills of persuasion. Here’s a plan Stu, ditch Weatherfield, rock up to the Manchester Hilton and hypnotise the doorman into giving you the Presidential Suite.

Over at No. 9, Phill announces that he’s having his bathroom done so Fiz rashly suggests he moves in. Before you can say, ‘artisan tiles’ he’s filled her living room with his possessions and invited his mum Mimi round. Mimi seems to be some sort of cross between Dame Edna Everage and Hyacinth Bucket, and Fiz somehow gets inveigled into co-organising a posh birthday party for Phill with her. As the writers no doubt want to get Fiz and Tyrone back together, I assume her arrival means Phill is going to turn out to be a covert thumb-sucking mummy’s-boy and Fiz will realise she doesn’t want to play second-fiddle or have to learn how to iron his boxers the way his mum does. 

In sociopath news, Curtis continues to lie to Emma and his dad, and Aggie finds out about (dis)Grace leaving Glory on her own. When she’s confronted Grace admits that she doesn’t want to be a mum and offers to sell her baby to Aggie for £20k. There seems to be a lot of baby-selling in Weatherfield doesn’t there (Terry Duckworth, Kylie). Maybe someone should start up a business. Given the number of accidental pregnancies I reckon you’d make fortune in commission. 

Elsewhere, Summer’s crush on Daniel intensifies when he helps her with her English homework by reading out a love poem. He writes it down to explain pentameter (for the love of God man just tell her to go to the school library) and she gleefully takes it, no doubt to put under her pillow. When he offers her a lift home they’re spotted by stalker-in-training Max who films them together. Hmm I imagine giving a 17-year-old a love poem written in his own handwriting is going to come back to bite Mr Osbourne on his arse! 

Back with the terribly-boring-money-laundering, Zeedan decides to go along with the dodgy plan. He goes to Speed Daal as Stu is in the toilet and, assuming the place is empty, leaves the door open for Hashim’s two thugs to go in and set light to the place. Now I’m no expert on arson, but wouldn’t it have been a better idea to wait until the middle of the night to do this, you know when there aren’t loads of people milling around at a street market? Anyways, Cathy and Brian notice the restaurant is on fire and dial 999. Billy goes to tell the Nazir’s what’s going on and they soon realise that Stu is trapped inside. Zeedan goes in and drags him out and he’s taken away in an ambulance. 

Alya is furious with her brother when, at the hospital, he subtly starts to suggest that Stu may be responsible for the fire. She tells him he should leave but oblivious to his involvement Yasmeen tells them how she couldn’t bear losing him. 

And that’s it for this week. I shall spend the weekend in a vigil for Stu. Join my ‘Don’t kill off Stu you unconscionable bastards’ campaign in the comments section or on twitter @mskelstar.

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Louby said...

Well done Kelly for writing a good review about the worst episodes I've seen in a very long time. Lots of nonsense, with the prize going to the 20k demand for baby Glory. Just a suggestion, Aggy and Ed, get a solicitor, there might even be one close by, and get Michael, the baby's dad, to apply for custody, as there's evidence of neglect.

Unknown said...

Didn't Tracy also try to sell Amy?

Charles said...

I love Stu, I want to see much more of him! However I really don't like what they've done to Zeedan's character. He was always hot-headed but he used to have a strong moral compass and that part of him has disappeared. It also seems that his relationships with Leanne and Simon have been forgotten about.

Does it strike anybody else as strange that Tyrone would be happy to let Phill move into the house that he owns? I can understand Tyrone letting Fiz stay in the house to avoid disrupting Hope and Ruby, but having her partner move in while Ty is stuck in the flat over the road with Emma and weird Curtis just seems bizarre!

Sharon boothroyd said...

I thought Phil's mum's Mimi sounded like Dame Edna too!
Yes, I expect this is the grand plan to get Fiz and Ty back together. Fiz wont be able to bear towing the line to his snobby mum and gives Phil the boot.
I agree - surely the middle of the night would be better for an arson attack?
If the reason for it is to claim on the insurance rather than harm the general public then, you'd think so.
But homeless Stu can take the blame for the fire, so all ends well for Zeedan and co.
But it is a tedious plot.
Looking forward to seeing the high school ice ball (whatever that is!)
I'm praying Nina finds the cash to do up Roy's rolls - unless... I have a feeling that it's going to become one of those 'pay what you can afford' places and uses waste food from supermarkets.

Anonymous said...

Just brutal storylines at the moment. Haven’t missed an episode for 20 years but feel ready to give up.
The writers seem to have lost the plot - shoehorning relationships together rather than allowing time for them to develop, and spending far too much time on 3rd and 4th string characters.

If James is supposedly a hotshot footballer (and lives at home) he must have disposable income that can help Aggie and Ed with the Glory issue. And why is The Michael actor playing him like a child at the moment?


Anonymous said...

I'm also puzzled on Tyrone allowing Fiz let Phil [and his mother]move in HIS house especially when he had to ask Fiz's 'permission'to move back in with Alina after Hope set fire to the salon flat.
Where is Evelyn during all of this as surely she would have a few words to say about Phil and his mother moving in her grandson's home.

Anonymous said...

Phil’s mother isn’t moving in she is just visiting

Anonymous said...

Fizz, said she was "away""

Anonymous said...

I am an Canadian viewer and so haven`t seen the scenes discussed here yet. But for Heaven`s sake the Bailey`s need to get legal advice immediately to gain custody of that child. Grace should have criminal charges laid against her, who leaves a baby home alone! Please can we be rid of Grace!


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