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Thursday 9 December 2021

Daniel Brocklebank reveals his Christmas wishlist

What would you buy your character for Christmas?
Some friends! Billy hasn’t got any friends, literally Billy No Mates!

What is your character’s Christmas wish this year?
Billy would really like to find somebody to love and someone who loves him back.

How do you normally spend Christmas?
It generally is with my family and this year I will be with my mum, my dad and my
grandmother. I will also be with my dogs, Colin and Jean, who have their own stockings
which will be hung above the fire, embroidered with their names.

What is your favourite Christmas memory?
When my sister and I were children and Father Christmas had been, he used to leave a
pillowcase full of presents at the bottom of our beds so when we first woke up, we would
shove our feet down the duvet and if there was something heavy on the end, we knew
Father Christmas had been. We could feel the weight of the pillowcase full of presents. That
is a really special Christmas memory.

Do you have a Christmas tradition?
When we were kids, we used to have a stocking on either side of the fireplace and my sister
and I weren’t allowed to open our presents until after lunch. Because of the farm, everyone
still has to work on Christmas Day so my family would still have to get up and feed all the
animals before we could start Christmas so as a family we have never really had Christmas
traditions. However I did host Christmas the first year I moved into my house and I wanted
to start Christmas traditions because we have never had them. All my family were there, it
meant they didn’t have to get up and look after the horses. The moment everybody got up, I
made Bucks Fizz and the day carried on from there.

What’s your favourite Christmas present you’ve ever received?
When I was around 7 years old, my parents bought me a motorbike. It was a little 50 cc,
Yamaha, proper little racing bike. My dad took me out on Christmas morning across the
fields. My dad is such a wind-up merchant because on the way back he said to me, “Did you
enjoy riding the motorbike? It has to go back tomorrow.'' He told me he had just hired it for
Christmas Day and I was absolutely gutted but I was trying to pretend that I wasn’t
disappointed because I didn’t want to hurt his feelings. My mum asked me what the matter
was and when I explained, she told me my dad was joking! We are all quite eccentric as a

Have you ever re-gifted a present?
No, I don’t think I have. Because my birthday is on the 21st of December, when I was a child
a lot of people did the whole “This is for birthday and Christmas” but it was always wrapped
in Christmas paper. As an adult, you get even less presents!

What is your favourite part of Christmas dinner?
Roast potatoes. My mum does a mean Christmas dinner; pigs in blankets, spuds, parsnip,
carrots, the lot. We even do Yorkshire puddings.

What is your favourite Christmas movie?
Santa Claus The Movie - when I was a child, I adored that movie. However I have revisited
The Holiday and Love Actually recently, two absolute modern day classics. They will have to
go on an equal par because both have humour, both get your tears going and both have a
happy ending.

What is your favourite Christmas song?
Being a pianist and a singer, I actually enjoy Silent Night.

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