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Monday 27 December 2021

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Monday 27 December 2021


KELLY BURNS HER BRIDGES As Abi bars Kelly on her way into the barbers Imran watches concerned. Abi tells Imran she just wants Kelly out of her life for good. But when Imran reminds her she’s done some pretty shameful things herself, Abi slaps him across the face. When Maria asks Kelly why she failed to turn up to work, with Abi’s eyes boring into her, Kelly lies that she couldn’t be bothered. Maria tells her she’s fired. Craig later finds Kelly in a state having taken some spice. At the police station Craig urges her to get help before she ends up back in prison. But does Kelly have anywhere to turn? 
FIZ SHOCKS TYRONE WITH A SUGGESTION With Fiz, Tyrone and Phill seemingly back on an even keel, Tyrone tells Evelyn that it’s obvious Phill will get bored of playing the family man and when he does, he’ll be waiting for Fiz. Evelyn reckons he’s deluded. Meanwhile when Phill suggests the girls might like to call him stepdad, Fiz reckons it’s a great idea. Phill then 
reveals he’s seen a super family house but understands if she’s not ready. How will Fiz respond? When Fiz drops the bombshell that she wants to sell No.9, Tyrone’s shocked.
ASHA IS NINA’S KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOUR Having spent the night at Asha’s, Nina feels refreshed and gives Asha her Christmas present, a framed drawing of the two of them. Asha is overcome and Dev’s pleased to see her happy again. However when Asha calls in the cafe she finds Nina suffering from another anxiety attack. Asha does her best to reassure her.
ELSEWHERE Todd begs Eileen to give George another chance. When George presents her with a new winter coat and reveals he’s booked a table at the bistro, will he be forgiven?
Leo invites Jenny out for a drink but she refuses to commit. Leo masks his hurt. Jenny asserts that Leo is too young for her. Daisy thinks she’s mad and deserves some fun.

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Fluttershy said...

How is Fiz selling Number 9? Jack and Vera left it to Tyrone, even if he gave Fiz half somehow (they've never married AFAIK) then Ty must at least own half. But then I guess that's the sort of continuity that doesn't belong in Corrie anymore.

Anonymous said...

If you read the spoilers for forthcoming episode, then you see that Tyrone stresses to Fizz that it's his house, not hers

Anonymous said...

I hope Tyrone doesn't cave in to Fiz's[she has some nerve!]demand to sell HIS house.
Why doesn't Fiz and Hope just move in with Phil so Tyrone can live in his own home with Ruby and Evelyn?

Jack Duckworth said...

Maybe Terry will buy the house off Fiz.

Rapunzel said...

While Fizz and the girls can’t leave the Street unless, in fact, they LEAVE the Street (see Corrie Constitution rule 19.01(a)(i)), I do hope they find a way to keep Fizz and Phill together. She and Tyrone were O.V.E.R. (spells OVER) the moment he took up with Miss Romania - and Fizz deserves a man like Phill.

Bobby Dazzler said...

Fiz and Tyrone have had many financial difficulties and have both put cash into the house. She could always buy Ty out for half of the house (which may be what she's entitled to per English law) but the house is in fact Tyrone's. How Fiz is having custody of Ruby is a mystery to me as they aren't married and Fiz didn't adopt Ruby. They are still family though

Anonymous said...

Maybe, Tyrone thought it best for Ruby to keep her with Hope all they've been brought up together as sisters, even though no blood relation

Sharon boothroyd said...

I agree that Ty should live in his house with Ruby and Evelyn. But doesn't he also own the flat that he and Emma live in?
I can't see Fizz and the girls leaving the street, unless she just arrives to work here and the girls melt into the background - we'd only see them when they visit Ty.
I didn't understand why Kelly didn't tell Maria that Abbey was stalking her.
She'd have kept her job.
Instead, she said she couldn't be bothered, and got sacked.
Why doesn't Kelly or Imran, as her foster dad, get in touch with her social worker and tell her why Kelly had to leave the secure accommodation?
Surely the social worker could find an all female hostel for her?
There is no real reason why Kelly is forced into this downward spiral, when there are so many solutions for her - eg deciding not to lie to Maria.
Couldn't Maria and Gary offer her a room for a while? Gary must feel some guilt towards her after killing her dad.
Dev has a spare flat and what about Tracey and Steve's old place?
What if Kelly got a UC claim sorted and got her job back, she'd be able to rent it. Like Sean's homeless story, it's simply a plot device.

Anonymous said...

As someone mentioned earlier, maybe Tyrone wants the girls to stay together? Seems feasible. He sees Hope as his daughter too.
Imran is no longer Kelly's foster carer as she is not lining with then.
Kelly didn't want to admit to Maria that Abi was bullying her, so said nothing. In later episodes Gary asks Maria if Kelly can have her job back and live with them. Hope this has answered your questions

chartreuse said...

I agree that Fizz has no power in this situation. It drives me mad because soap operas used to be used as a kind of public safety announcement- Michelle Fowler's daughter having suspected melangitis and how to look for the symptoms. A lot of women in Fizz's situation will now think they can claim for the money they put into decoration or that "it's the family home". In short that there's a kind of common law wife status in England but there is not. The difference between a married couple and a co-habiting couple is legally night and day.
"Creating a lovely home" and/or investing in the house is not buying into the house. What about rent she has saved over the years for her and Hope?


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