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Monday 20 December 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 20th December

Whilst Emma investigates the quite frankly ugly wedding venue, liar liar pants on fire Curtis is investigating flights to Fuerteventura. I hope he's got his negative PCR test and vaccine passport ready - or has Curtis also lied about being double jabbed? Steve finds out that the money was not transferred to the Mitochondrial research charity (I've never done a Kickstarter, but I'm pretty sure that if you were raising money for a charity, you'd have to use the charity bank details, otherwise it could lead to all kinds of fraud). Amy and Steve search the flat and find a packed case and a passport.

The curly haired registrar is back! Surely she must refuse to do Weatherfield weddings, knowing that there's always going to be a hitch. Maybe she gets overtime. At least she's turned up, unlike Fiona or even Maria. Or Steve. Or Curtis.

Emma is pretty in pink (what else?) although Curtis, when he (finally) rocks up looks more like he's marrying Paul. Tracy walks her daughter in law down the aisle, to be interrupted by PC Plonker Tinker and Steve demanding that he be arrested, although Curtis says that it's all an error. He is released under investigation and claims that the flights were for a surprise honeymoon. Steve finds out that a technical error delayed the £100K transfer, but he doesn't tell Emma this, who says she's kicked Curtis into touch. Curtis only has himself to blame really, he has not so much cried wolf as wept a whole lupine pack.

Talking of tears, I am a bit worried that Alexandra Mardell can cry on demand. Jane Danson can do that, and look at the storylines she's had after a year and a half.

Sarah tries to push the Barlow-Platt joint Christmas whilst David takes a reluctant Max to see Mrs Crawshaw, who says, after Daniel's intervention, that they're not going to expel him. Sarah inveigles Lydia into helping her with a school baking thing (doesn't Lydia have to executively assist her boss, rather than Sarah, during the daylight hours?) but Lydia leaves sharpish as soon as Adam steps into the house, so I'm guessing Xmas Day for the paternity reveal, non?

Craig takes Fay(e) on her first driving lesson (let's hope he's better at driving instruction than police work), but she can't find the brake pedal and she almost knocks over Asha. Asha is fine, but Nina's PTSD kicks in and she has a panic attack. In other news, I'm disappointed that Nina has yet to turn Roy's into a goth-themed cafe. Sisters of Mercy sandwiches, Cure cupcakes, Battenberg buns?

And finally, Kelly cuts Stu's hair and Maria is impressed, offering our Kel a traineeship. Things aren't looking up for her though as Abi discovers that she's living chez Alahan. Kelly starts packing, but Aadi persuades her to stay and to speak to Abi. She explains the last few weeks of storyline to Abi, but the latter is not interested.

Have a very merry (and safe) Christmas. Sorry in advance that there will be no review next Monday; unless Christmas is cancelled again, I'll be at my parents' and they won't let me watch Corrie. See you in 2022!

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Anonymous said...

After the way she went after Kelly [who was innocent of Seb's death],I think someone needs to remind Abi that She's the one with blood on her hands as it was her gun Harvey used to kill Natasha and Abi has shown little remorse for Natasha's death.
I loved Audrey's comment about Corrie weddings that never go well after Curtis was arrested.Poor Emma!

Anonymous said...

Lovely review, just tad sexism comment 'when he (finally) rocks up looks more like he's marrying Paul. ' that did not sit right with me at all. Pink is just a colour and men can wear them, not just for homosexual men.

Have a lovely christmas break!

Sharon boothroyd said...

I agree with the comment above.
Stu's hair didn't look it had been cut, it was more just more washed and waved back a bit, to me.
So Curtis isn't a scammer after all! That was a surprise.
I'm also surprised they could afford all those posh decs at the wedding, plus a lovely frock, and how do they manage to pay Tyrone rent when Emma has a few shifts at The Rovers, and he has a few shifts at The Bistro?

Anonymous said...

Abi is just horrible. Always nasty and spiteful yet she’s hardly a paragon of virtue herself. I really can’t stand her.

coconno196 said...

Yes, Abi is completely in the wrong. Poor Kelly.
They could have given Stu a more convincing haircut!
Poor Emma, now Steve is lying to her. How long til she finds out Curtis didn't steal the money?


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