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Saturday 24 April 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 23 April 2021

Tonight was dominated by seen uncoupling and unseen couplings.  Do you remember Mike and Deirdre - never once seen in bed together (although Deirdre made it to bed with Dev I think) and once again all such scenes take place in camera free zones as covid impacts production values and being in bed together implies that they are less than 2 yards apart.  Going back to the good old days - tell not show!

Indeed Tyrone and Alina actually left the Street to do their coupling - making use of a boutique hotel in Cheshire (and remind me how Tyrone who has been constantly short of money for years can suddenly afford such a swish location, because you can bet Alina was not paying!).  Meanwhile we have Hope Stape seemingly far more concerned about losing her "father" than Ruby Dobbs of whom we neither see or hear.  Hope bunks off Bessie Street and walks home by herself - arriving before the teachers have missed her.  Since the Dunblane massacre and similar events the children are locked in school during the day - so can someone please tell me how she managed to leave?  Security is seriously lacking.  Hope apparently attacks Joseph because he said that Ty does not love her any more and Ches rushes him off to hospital - but it is nothing serious.  Ty uploads the photos from last night to the shared family photo roll so Fiz gets to see them all.  Eventually Fiz (above) comes to a decision, Ed changes the locks and Ty is told to go forth and multiply - which I suspect he was practicing last night.  A word to the wise Tyrone - it won't last with Alina.  

The next coupling concerns Seb and Nina with the former seeking to sneak out of the cafe without being caught by Roy.  They fail and Roy later indicates to Nina that he has no problem with Seb being around and she can invite him to stay again.  She bounces off to the builder's yard with a sustaining and high calorie lunch for Seb to prepare him for his later exertions.  When she gets there she watches a simple little bit of ragging by Ed and Paul who put Seb in a black plastic sack and take the mickey out of Nina, not spotting that she is watching them through the gate.  Indeed they even take a photo - and she must have been visible in the background (above).  A word to the wise Seb - it won't last with Nina.  Indeed it is already all over as the temperature when he arrives at the cafe later to ask about his missing lunch is colder than mid-winter in Siberia and he can expect nothing more in terms of invites to stay the night as Nina is used to people taking the mickey - but Seb let them do it and did not say a word in her defence or tell them to stop it.  Not only is she not amused she realises he is not the man for her.

Having had Seb sneak downstairs in front of Nina it works in reverse in the Alahan household where Asha descends to check that Dev has left before Corey smirks his way into the living room.  Aadi does not think much of Corey's claim of not getting much sleep overnight and even less of Corey's "demand" that Asha bunks off school and they go back to bed for the day.  Aadi later expresses his feelings about Corey being unsuitable for Asha and thumps him hard, possibly breaking his nose.  Dev arrives and grounds Aadi.  Asha is marginally appeased.  Later however Aadi comes downstairs and Dev admits that he has also wanted to re-arrange Corey's face (above) and is so pleased with Aadi that he is rewarded with access to the posh (roast chicken and sumac flatbread) crisps - after all Asha did bunk off!  As ever Dev and Aadi are great value.  Asha works out that Aadi is being rewarded for violence and considers Dev is not good enough for her.  A word to the wise Asha - it won't last with Corey.  For now she is packing a bag and going to stay with Corey.

Izzy appears courtesy of smartphone and Sarah applying Kirk's idea arranges for Izzy to work from home as Gary had said that Izzy wanted to get back to work.  However when no-one is watching the phone Izzy appears to be in a lot of pain or discomfort and we are given hints that there is something "not quite right" (above).

Rita tries to broker peace between her children encouraging Jenny and Gemma to see Sharon more positively and offering to buy them all lunch in the Bistro.  They accept and when they reach the Bistro Sharon orders some bubbly and they talk about their respective periods with Rita and Sharon attempts to redress the record blaming her ex-husband and breaking down over her loneliness and having no-one else at home getting them to stay on when Rita (as we had guessed) admits she had not planned to turn up.  So is Sharon as pure white as the driven snow?  It seems not.  She takes a phone call and assures the caller that they will soon have exactly what they need (above).  So the Kabin and flat above are across the road from the Bistro and would provide part of the access into the redevelopment of Nuttall's brewery.  Someone is close to ruining the Kabin's business and Sharon is working her black "magic" on Reets - and who owns the brewery site?  Ah yes Debbie Webster and we have the hint given the Bistro in the rear of the above shot!  So how is Debbie going to get Kev and Ty to sell up?

I am not sure just how much overlap there was between Debbie and Sharon originally - not huge but of course in subsequent times Ian Bentley grew a business and it may well be that their paths have crossed.  But Jenny's jerk radar was working perfectly and Sharon remains a wrong-'un.  I never thought we would ever see Tracie Bennett back on the Street and I suspect she will not be with us for long let us enjoy her villainy whilst we can!  And all credit to the team for her return after 21 years.  

Once again this summary was brought to you supported by the dulcet tones of Jenny Hanley and Boom Radio - you know it makes sense.  In other news I actually went to that there London this week and consumed an excellent meal in Scotts of Mayfair, on the famous terrace but unlike Saatchi I did not feel it necessary to attempt to strangle the good lady wife.  Things are returning to normal.

Writers tonight were Cameron McAllister and Nessah Muthy whilst the director was Lee Trevor.


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Anonymous said...

If anyone should do any 'waltzing'it's Fiz out of Tyrone's house!
Who does she think she is changing the lock on HIS house and denying Tyrone access to his daughter Ruby?!
Until now I felt sorry for Fiz but she went too far!

popcorn said...

A great summary - your best ever! Thanks.

Philip said...

What is the paragraph on about Sharon and Debbie? I'm in Canada and can't see that scene really on Youtube ATM.? Is Debbie involved with Sharon somehow? I haven't heard anything in the news about that? I just hope that Sharon won't do a "Debbie" by getting involved in a villainous scheme alienating her from her Street family. Do we know how long Sharon is back on for? I have seen Tracie Bennett in "cast card" type photos in some of the initial articles about her return.

Anonymous said...

There's rumours that she's either involved with Harvey somehow, as she makes enquiries next week about Leanne, but I'd not heard anything about her being connected with Debbie.

Anonymous said...

From the photos I thought she was Tim's mother with a makeover. WTH?


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