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Saturday 10 April 2021

Corrie Comicals Week Ending Friday 9 April 2021

Good evening.  I do realise I have not been here for a couple of weeks - somehow the current crop of stories has somewhat failed to enthuse me but on Wednesday certain happenings were completely doolally and I really felt the need to share.  I regularly hear that sharing is good - and this week you have the pleasure of my sharings!

But back to Monday first and Fiz (above).  For the benefit of new readers - start here.  If someone in a "fly on the wall documentary" says something along the line "It's all behind us now" this has to be translated into "Danger Crumbling Cliff Edge - any further collapses will included the path on which you are standing, take a step back NOW".  In other words any second now whatever you think is behind you is just turning round to loom over you in a black cloud ready to explode usually in the same episode or if they don't want to rush the storyline in the next episode!  If you are really unlucky it will be in the next scene!  And is my memory failing me?  Why is Gemma supporting Fiz - didn't she trip up Ty and make it to the floor first so he landed on top of her?  Or are we supposed to believe that 4 children has completely changed her history?

I could not return without Emma.  She bought some knock-off pink nail varnish and put on the first layer, but it is reluctant to dry.  After 30 minutes she added a second coat and now she has "bubbles on her nails!" (above).  The Mancunian girls must be hardy going out with bare feet in the weather we have had this week - where I live (a long way south of Weatherfield) we have kept having snow this week (except Sunday when 6 of us foregathered quite legally in the garden for lunch and were blessed with some sunshine).

Moving on to Wednesday and first up there is a little Covid problem which someone did not think through.  Harvey has been laying down his truth to Leanne - pointing out that he will get around to dealing with both her and Simon when out of almost nowhere the police turn up with shooters.  Now in any normal such situation Harvey would pull out a sawn-off and wave it at Leanne, either shooting her to shut her up or grabbing her and threatening to shoot her and having a long stand off with the forces of the law.  Bit difficult as they have to stay a couple of yards apart and she cannot go past him to get in the car in any case!  Obviously the writer was hoping that the physical distancing limits might have changed by the time this script was being filmed!

I have had to excise part of this picture as I fear that the team have sought to explain why Sharon Stone was asked to remove her underwear in Basic Instinct (the link explains why) as lighting is otherwise reflected.  Something similar might have happened here so I think Sarah's underwear was in place!

This is an opportune moment to remind TPTB that Steve is in training for an event to raise money and that he spent weeks away in the Peak District doing vast distances to lose that tum-tum - only for him to be patting it affectionately a few moments before this shot and then hauling it out on display just after he and Peter have consumed an enormous cream tea (although they did save a few calories because they cut the crusts off the sandwiches!).  It does not look any smaller to me!  Indeed public display of Steve's midriff is something which I believe we should be spared!

Whilst on the subject of Wednesday can I ask how old nu-Todd is?  When I had my first job (which I accept my parents had found for me through a friend of theirs) in 1972 I have no doubt that my incompetence was reported back to them when they met the friend - but no-one ever said anything to me.  But Eileen checking up on Todd with the "World's Best Son" (according to George's mug - he keeps a picture of Archie on the shelf as a nod to viewers) does strike me as far from normal, I don't recall her asking Sarah if Todd was any good in the factory!

As we are now aware Friday will now be Monday.  As a visitor to the Manchester cobbles may the Duke of Edinburgh rest in peace.  I have no doubt that Shuttleworth and Grimshaw as it will no doubt become in about 5 minutes will be happy to arrange an excellent send off!

Writers were: Steven Fay (Monday); Jan McVerry & Joe Turner (Wednesday).
Directors were: Gary Williams (Monday); Gill Wilkinson (Wednesday).


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