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Thursday 29 April 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 28th April 7.30 & 8.30 pm

Sharon’s super-sleuthing and secret snooping for Harvey mean that Nick’s son Sam is now firmly in her sights. Tonight, and using her past friendship with Gail as a key to N0.8, Sharon manages to get involved with helping Sarah arrange a birthday tea for Sam. With David and Shona busy, Gail and Natasha also are absent, so Sharon spots an opportunity. Sarah is soon distracted by a text message and heads out, so super manipulator Sharon takes charge of proceedings.

Questioning the youngster about Nick’s whereabouts, Sharon pricks Sam’s conscience and he secretly calls his Dad. Safe in his undisclosed bolt-hole, Nick answers the phone and reassures his son that all is fine. Supposedly out of earshot, Sharon overhears the whole conversation and uses the youngster's naivety to her advantage. Sharon is now armed with plenty of ammo, but is Sam about to be caught in the crossfire? Later, Sarah tells Adam she thought the text was from Nick so went to meet him, only for nobody to turn up. Back home, she responds to another text or call, and it’s clear that Sharon is behind the hoaxing. Later, Sharon takes a call from Harvey and she pleads with him to not harm Sam! 

Corey’s coerciveness hasn't taken long to reappear and kind of echoes Geoff’s goading of Yasmeen, albeit a retelling via the Corrie kids. With Asha in the Yasmeen role, tonight she has a chat with the best pal - Nina replacing Cathy as a voice of reason. Ironically, Dev chats with Yasmeen in the shop, and she gives Asha’s Dad some friendly advice, telling Dev that she has also spotted Corey’s familiar behavioural trait, but when will Asha? After a visit to their new flat, Dev seems reassured of his daughter’s safety, which Adi pours scorn on. Later, and after a visit from her friends Mary, and Kelly,  Asha tells Corey how happy she is. For how long though? 

Peter and Carla are settling into married life at N0.1. The newlyweds haven't had a honeymoon for obvious reasons, and Steve is still keen on assisting Peter’s rehabilitation with some jigsaw therapy. Feeling amorous, Carla has a different kind of jiggy in mind, and models some victorian underwear for our transplantee! Later, it looks like Steve may need a transplant himself, after he walks into the living room, and catches the couple in the throes of a compromising position! I genuinely thought Steve was going to have a heart attack then! Rather than shocking Steve to death, Carla decides to move them into the streetcars flat. Later, Peter receives another new lifeline in the shape of a donated liver!

Todd’s reorganisation of Shuttleworth’s business books begins in earnest. As a qualified solicitor, I do wonder about Todd’s career trajectory, but sales do appeal to that slippery demeanour he holds so well. It isn't long before a disgruntled customer turns up though, claiming to be ripped off. George takes a hit in the pocket and fires Todd.  

Elsewhere in tonight’s episodes;  Audrey has twisted her ankle for about the 1000th time! Tyrone and Tim bicker over the arrangements for Kevin’s stag party. Kev soon makes peace with Tyrone but Abi is fuming when he invites Alina to the ceremony. 

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Jan said...

Usual Corrie kids birthday then. Organise a birthday tea but don't invite any other children, even the children that live in Gail's house went out!

Humpty Dumpty said...

I don't entirely understand Sharon's loyalty to her nephew. Her brother left the business to her and not his son. Maybe I missed an episode when this was explained otherwise I assume it's because he knew what his son's line of business was. Is it believable that Wayne would ask his sister to become his son's accomplice? Not much of an age gap between Sharon and Harvey, and she seems to behave more like an older sister. Perhaps that's the reason she's so reluctant to walk away.

Defrost Indoors said...

I thought Todd was a paralegal, rather than a solicitor.

Anonymous said...

Defrost indoors, I think you are right, I don't ever remember Todd being a solicitor.
Why on earth are two middle aged people still mooching off Ken?
High time they got their own place! Ridiculous!

Anonymous said...

Sharon never had any 'friendship' with Gail whatsoever,she tried to make a play for Gail's husband[and Nick and Sarah's father]Brian lying that he had feelings for her.
So Sharon 'hosting' a birthday party for Sam without his mother,grandmother, his uncle David,his aunts Shona and Sarah and his cousins makes no sense!


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