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Wednesday 28 April 2021

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 28 April

Wednesday 28th April 2021

SHARON THROWS SAM HER OWN PARTY Having overheard Sarah in the Kabin, Sharon offers to help her with the Sam’s party. Sarah receives a text from Nick asking her to meet him at the Red Rec as a matter of urgency so Sharon offers to collect Sam from school. Sharon returns to No.8 with Sam and listens in when Sam calls Nick and tells him how much he misses him. Sharon tells Sam that if he needs someone to talk to, he can talk to her.

REALITY HITS HOME FOR ASHA In the cafe, Asha enthuses about her new living arrangements to Nina and Kelly. Yasmeen warns Dev that he needs to keep a close eye on Asha. Dev calls at Asha and Corey’s flat. As Dev leaves, Corey makes it clear to Asha that her Dad’s not welcome.

PETER’S GOT A WILL AND A WAY Carla calls at No.1 and takes off her coat to reveal some very sexy underwear. Steve walks in on Peter and Carla having sex in the living room.  

TODD UPSETS THE CUSTOMERS Wilf calls at the undertakers to arrange his wife’s funeral.  Todd flogs him the most expensive package. Wilf’s son calls at the undertakers and complains to George about Todd’s ruthless approach

ELSEWHERE Tyrone and Tim bicker over the best place to hold Kevin’s stag do.

Wednesday 28th April 2021 

SHARON TAKES A STEP CLOSER TO LEANNE Sam confides in Sharon and when Sharon suggests she could set up a secret meeting for him with his Dad, Sam’s thrilled. Sarah confides in Adam that Nick didn’t show up. Sarah returns home to find Sharon and Sam holding a birthday disco in the living room.

THE CLINIC DE-LIVERS GREAT NEWS Peter and Carla hastily pull their clothes back on. Carla reveals that she’s taken the lease on the Street Cars flat for them. Having taken a call from his transplant coordinator, a shocked Peter tells Carla and Steve that they’ve found a liver for him. A nervous Peter readies himself to leave for the transplant centre.

ASHA FEELS FAR FROM AT HOME Mary calls at Asha and Corey’s flat with a house-warming gift. Asha thanks Corey for a lovely day and admits she’s never felt happier.  

ELSEWHERE Telling Todd that he’ll deal with him later, George assures Wilf’s son that he’ll find a cheaper package for his Mum’s funeral. When Tyrone makes it clear that he’s expecting to take Alina with him to their wedding, Kevin and Abi are quietly horrified, aware of how much it will upset Fiz.

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Fluttershy said...

Poor Sam, what a birthday party, Auntie Sarah and some strange Luvvie he's only just met. Bet he's going to develop abandonment issues and go all David Platt on us...


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