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Friday 30 April 2021

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Friday 30 April

Friday 30th April 2021

SIMON BREAKS COVER FOR HIS DAD In their hideout, Nick admits that Sam’s been in touch to let them know that Peter’s having a liver transplant. Simon listening from the door. Leanne knocks on Simon’s bedroom door but to her horror she discovers he’s gone. Simon arrives at the hospital, shocking Peter and Carla. 

SHARON USES PETER’S OPERATION TO HER ADVANTAGE Sharon tells Sam that Simon’s Dad has gone into hospital for a liver transplant and he ought to message Nick so that he can let Simon know. 

TODD IS OUT TO GET HIS JOB BACK When Todd reveals that George sacked him, Eileen vows to have it out with him. However when George reveals how Todd was ripping off vulnerable customers, Eileen’s rage turns to embarrassment. Eileen tells Todd that George has agreed that he can work his week’s notice. Todd returns to the undertakers where George lays down the law, explaining that they have the body of a young boy in the chapel of rest and he’d better show some respect.

ELSEWHERE When Asha suggests they get a couple of cats so they can be a proper family, it’s clear Corey doesn’t share her enthusiasm. When Abi reveals that Tyrone’s intending to bring Alina to their wedding, Sally’s horrified.

Friday 30th April 2021

PETER STEPS INTO SAVE HIS SON Simon announces he’s not going back to the hideout meanwhile Leanne worries that Harvey’s mob has got Simon. Peter and Carla persuade Simon but as he makes to leave, Peter overhears the cleaner on his phone, reporting Simon’s whereabouts. The cleaner punches Peter. Simon legs it. Simon returns to the hideout and admits how he nearly got caught. The transplant coordinator explains to Peter and Carla that as a result of his head injury, they’re going to keep him in for a couple of nights. Peter pulls out a crumpled piece of paper from his pocket and stares at the address on it.

JENNY BEGINS TO SMELL A RAT Sharon lies to Jenny, making out she's mentoring one of the prisoners. Sharon takes a call and is furious to hear that Simon’s done a runner.

TODD HAS A REVELATION Todd is reminded of his own son when Stuart, an old mate from his past, revealed that the young boy in the chapel of rest is his son. George is sympathetic and offers Todd his job back. George and Todd go for a pint and agree that from now on, they’re not only colleagues, but mates too.  

ELSEWHERE When Kelly accuses Corey of turning into Mr Boring, Corey reckons she’s jealous, but it’s clear they’re enjoying the banter. Having realised that Alina’s not welcome at the wedding, Tyrone takes umbrage and tells Kevin and Abi they can stuff their wedding and he’s resigning from Best Man.

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