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Thursday 8 April 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 7th April 7.30 & 8.30 pm

I’ll admit it. I feel sorry for Leanne being embroiled in all of this. For those of us with long Corrie memories, visions of Jez Quigley fuelling her cocaine addiction and blackmailing her into robbing The Rovers Return are still quite clear. You live but you don’t learn, I guess. She should now be mourning the tragic loss of her infant son, instead, she’s gone undercover for the police to hoodwink Harvey and to halt this county lines drug dealing. 

In tonight’s episodes, and with the drugs consignment ready at the flat, Ned tells Leanne that Harvey’s big deal is back on. She feigns covid symptoms to skive work and to help out with the shipment. Toyah tells Nick all about it. Meanwhile, Harvey decides to take Simon out for the drugs drop-off and continues to menace Leanne with vague threats and promises of repercussions should anything go wrong. Toyah chastises her sister for playing Imran, not knowing what is happening. Out on the drop-off, the police bust Simon and Harvey but Harvey escapes their clutches and goes on the run, knowing that Leanne is an informant. Simon warns Leanne that he is out to get her,  but it’s too late, Harvey is soon breaking down her flat door and suspects she’s a grass - he just can't prove it. 

Instead, he thinks Simon was the snitch, so Leanne confesses the truth. Harvey is then arrested and the police tell Leanne they will do everything to protect her. She begs them to release Simon from his cell and plans her immediate future. Meanwhile, Dev is called in for questioning by the police over the chip shop deliveries. Finding out about the drug bust, Toyah pays a visit and Leanne tells her sister the full story. Realising they are in real danger, Leanne and Simon plan a swift getaway,  until the expected trial. 

Tyrone has moved out of the family home, having told Fiz that he loves Alina now. Confiding in Chez, Fiz is forlorn, bereft, and vengeful. Meanwhile, Tyrone has decamped to Kevin’s at N0.13. He tells Alina that he’s split from Fiz and that he doesn’t love her anymore.  He then arranges to go on a walk with Alina. Later, Chez and Fiz spot them out on the street and Chesney has a go at Tyrone, telling him he’s being played for a fool. Later, Tyrone confesses his true feelings to Alina and she makes it clear that their relationship may not be possible. 

It’s Todd’s first day at Shuttleworth’s funeral parlour. He offers George a few business ideas but he soon realises his new boss is not interested. Eileen is quick to defend her son to George, and they have a little lovers tiff. Todd then realises that George has romantic designs on his Mum. 

Carla and Peter’s ‘project end game’ marriage plans seem to have perked them both up a bit. Peter’s binging podcast’s and Carla’s enjoying work at Underworld. Steve is still angry at his former pal though. At Underworld, Nick has a meeting with Lucas which Carla refuses to be available for, as it could risk Peter’s recovery. Sarah tells Carla it may be time for her to move on, and she agrees. At N0.1 Steve apologises to Peter who, off the phone from the hospital, relays his optimism about his latest treatment plan. The boys soon make friends again. Later, Peter sees Lucas leaving the factory following the meeting. Questioning Carla, she’s open with Peter and tells him she’s looking to step away from the factory. Peter is understanding and the two of them are more settled than ever. 

Elsewhere in tonight’s episodes, The Kabin’s recent vandalism and abandonment by the customers, is causing tension between Brian and Cathy.  Bernie defends Cathy against Tracey’s textbook poisonous barbs and offers her friend some advice. Gemma is quick to chastise Cathy too and struggles to understand why she trolled Tracey and Steve in the first place. It then transpires that Alex has been trolled too, for defending Cathy online.  Cathy is at a loss as to what to do next. 

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Sue said...

What a horrible couple of episodes they were. I actually felt quite cross after watching them. So much nastiness from characters that are far from perfect themselves, so many characters giving their sanctimonious opinions on things that are nothing to do with them and wall to wall depressing storylines.

C in Canada said...

I hope this whole stupid Leanne/drug story comes to an end quick, this is ridiculous that she's let herself go this far down the rabbit hole with it.
I am however, really looking forward to Todd working with George Shuttleworth, that looks to be like a fantastic comedy pairing!
And Tyrone is an idiot for letting his head get turned by Alina Pop and throwing away the stable family life he has with Fiz and the girls.


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