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Wednesday 14 April 2021

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 14 April

Wednesday 14th April 2021 
FIZ HAS A SURPRISING PROPOSITION FOR TYRONE At No.9 a tearful Hope asks Fiz why Daddy has left them. Abi puts pressure on Kevin to talk to Tyrone as it’s time he moved out. Tyrone approaches Alina and asks her if she still has any feelings for him. Alina suggests he calls at her flat later. Tyrone calls at No.9 and tells Fiz that the last thing he wants to do is cause the girls any upset. Fiz suggests he moves back in.
THE BELL ‘TROLLS’ FOR Cathy Brian reports Cathy’s online abuse to Craig. Craig’s apologetic but explains there’s nothing the police can do. Gemma’s horrified when she comes across a deepfake video of Cathy online. Having shown it to Bernie, Gemma heads to the loo leaving Bernie with her laptop. 
AGGIE FEARS ED IS SPIRALLING Ed tells Michael that he spent the night at the builder’s yard catching up on paperwork. When Seb lets slip that he spent the night playing cards with Ed and Paul, Michael’s perturbed to realise Ed lied to him and he’s clearly gambling again. 
Michael confronts Ed over his gambling. Ed admits he simply didn’t want to come home as he finds it too painful to be in the same house as him at the moment. 
ELSEWHERE When Peter reveals their plans for a small hotel wedding without any family, Tracy’s hurt. When Natasha asks Gail if she’d mind having Sam for a couple of hours, Gail’s thrilled. 
Wednesday 14th April 2021 
HOME IS NOT WHERE TYRONE’S HEART IS Fiz assures Tyrone she’s not looking for a romantic reunion, but to give the girls some stability. Tyrone tells Alina that he’s moving back in with Fiz on a temporary basis for the sake of the kids, but it’s her that he loves. Tyrone moves back into No.9 but Tyrone can’t help wondering if he’s made a terrible mistake.
CATHY MAKES A SACRIFICE FOR BRIAN AND ALEX When Cathy asserts that it would be best if she moved away, Brian begs her not to leave. Brian confides in Yasmeen that Cathy’s gone.  
ED COMES TO HIS SENSES Having found out from Aggie that Ed’s taken £1k out of their bank account, Michael and James head out to search the bookies and casinos for their Dad. ELSEWHERE Over a glass of wine, Gail assures Natasha that she’s family now, no matter what happens between her and Nick. Carla bites the bullet and tells Tracy that she’s not invited to their wedding.  
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Anonymous said...

Sorry to be negative, but Gail's hair looks awful.

Fluttershy said...

I assumed Helen Worth was wearing a wig to play Gail? Kind of like Beverly Goldberg.

Anyway, just popped in to say I'm really struggling with Corrie at the moment. I watch it, but I'm just staring at the screen like moving wallpaper rather than actually being engrossed in it like I used to. I suspect it may have more to do with my lockdown anxiety and depression and just general brain fog preventing me from concentrating, but the show just isn't that inspiring at the moment. Is it Corrie that's off, or is it us? Is the entire nation suffering brain fog?

Anonymous said...

Agreed with you there - more than Seb need one.


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