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Friday 2 April 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review; Thurs 1st of April 8 pm

Do we prefer Billy and Todd? Or do we prefer Billy and Paul? Our intrepid man-eating archdeacon, who should have Weatherfield’s ecumenical covid matters at heart, is a busy boy tonight, and has to decide which undesirable fella he should be with! That conniving troublemaker Todd is suddenly all vulnerable, whilst chav Cassanova Paul tells Billy he’s had another night out galavanting with new beau Jimmi. Handing in his notice at the factory, Todd is using this Bromsgrove job as an excuse to leave rather than face Billy, and it transpires that Paul has lied about Jimmi too - he isn’t seeing him at all! Paul tells Daniel that he should tell Billy the truth, as he may not be over him either. Billy then tells Summer that he is still unsure as to what to do, and the young lass is upset about Todd’s departure. 

Later, Paul sees Billy and professes his love for him again, but Billy is not impressed and offers his former fella a few caustic home truths. Seeing Todd at the tram stop, Billy then confesses that he doesn’t want Todd to leave and takes him back into his life, and into the flat. Meanwhile, Paul tells Gemma that he thinks Todd may have played him against Billy, and the penny finally drops. Later, Paul drunkenly lurches outside his old flat and sees Todd close the curtains. 

It’s April Fools day which must be the reason why man-eating morally vacant Maria is griefing Alina about her heartbreak over Tyrone. I mean, aside from Maria’s connection to Ty, she’s hardly the bastion for self-control when it comes to men, is she! Heading over to her shared flat with Emma, Maria uses Alina’s pop-up beauty salon as an excuse to chastise the young lady and warn her off Tyrone for good. 

Faye’s facing up to the court hearing with a guilty plea. Ray has been charged with sexual assault, which could be mitigating from the waitress, however, Faye might not have a lucky escape as she returns from the court telling Tim and Sally she’s still facing sentencing in two weeks. Later, Abi and Sally offer Faye some tips on prison life but Faye is resolute and faces her fate full on. 

Asha and Corey have gotten back together, and Nina is feeling somewhat apprehensive, if not blatantly jealous. Displacement is a classic psychological sign of such behaviour, so she’s suitably distracted when faced with Weatherfield’s heavy street traffic! She tells Seb she’s going to protest for the local environment, outside of Roy’s Rolls. Bring back Spider, anyone? Later on, Seb gets stuck in traffic and faces up against Nina and her street obstacles. She cools Seb down with some wise words about his long locks and unique identity. With apologies accepted on both sides and a newfound shared taste in music, it looks like these two could be a new corrie couple!

Elsewhere in tonight’s episode; Micheal is furious with Ed and Ronnie, whilst his Uncle and Father continue to argue over paternity.  Micheal decides that a DNA test is the only solution, whilst showering anger at Ronnie, and showing compassion for Ed.  

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Anonymous said...

Billy, Todd, Paul. Paul, Billy, Todd. Todd, Paul, Billy.............
Boring, boring, boring.

coconno196 said...

This paternity thing doesn't make biological sense. Did Aggie still sleep with Ronnie even after meeting Ed? Maybe at first, but Michael was born 9 months after their wedding. Presumably Ed and Aggie went out for a few months before getting married. Has Aggie ever admitted to sleeping with Ronnie just before the wedding?
I was never keen on Michael with his stupid schemes but he has really grown as a character. I do hope Ed is the father. Ronnie is a nasty piece of work. I also agree with a previous commenter's idea to pair Michael with Alina.

Anonymous said...

Equally boring is the paternity nonsense, the whole family are boring and miscast.

OxonCorrie said...

Billy is an unbelievable character and has long outlived his welcome. This love triangle is tiring.
The less said about the “Who is Michaels dad” storyline the better.
Coronation Street is in a poor state at the moment. Haven’t missed an episode in 20 years but I can feel it coming soon.

Fluttershy said...

There is no way on earth Seb is a Cradle of Filth fan, it simply does not compute!

Sharon boothroyd said...

I'd thought the only fella interested in Nina would be Seb.
Are we supposed to assume that both Asha and Nina are bisexual then? Or are we supposed to a adopt a 'it doesn't really matter' approach?
Dev, Aadi, and Roy don't seen particularly bothered about it.
I hope Ed turns out to be Michael's dad.
It's a tired plot that's reeled out every now and again.
The Bailey clan aren't proving popular on here.
Whether that's because some of them can't act, or whether they've been brought in to preach the racism message, I don't know.
To me, the worst actors in the family are the actors who play Aggie and James. They know their lines, but that's as far as it goes.
I like the Fiz/ Tyrone/ Alina story but yes, Ty did sleep with Gemma!

Anonymous said...

How can you judge? I love Take That and Joy Division in equal measure and do not have the "look" for either. My musical tastes are very varied, so why not Seb's? He seemed to know the lyrics, so why not?

Susan said...

Exactly and agree with what coconno 196 has said. I’ve thought that all along. Just get a paternity test thought that would’ve been the obvious thing to do. What a complicated love life Billy has. I think Todd will get Billy then he’ll break up with Billy. And how Billy ever became an Archdeacon is a mystery to me. No storyline really interests me at the moment they are all seem to be ones we’ve all seen before. What will go wrong with Kevin and Abi’s wedding. And Faye will get probation and community service. Along with Sally & Abi giving Faye prison tips, Tracey could give her helpful advice.

coconno196 said...

Billy is a terrible vicar. Obsessed with his love life. Any pastoral work just consists if him interfering.


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