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Monday 12 April 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 12th April

Hello and welcome to Friday's episode. This is like Lockdown 1, when characters on t'cobbles would talk about it being Wednesday but it was actually the other half of Friday's episode shown on a Monday. I was pretty annoyed there was no Corrie last Friday, to be honest. In times of national calamity, we need our queen (Jenny Bradley).

It's the morning after the storylines before: Peter discovers that Simon was dealing drugs and also that Carla lied to him when Leanne asked for help. Nick also finds out about the drug running from the chippie from Dev and from Imran that Leanne is his client. "What is going on Toyah?" he asks. It's a mystery! Well not for very long as he goes round to his flat and tells Ms Battersby that he wuvs her and she wuvs him and blah. She still says she's leaving the Street and no, he can't come with her, because she can't make him choose between her and Sam. This is a re-run of the time that Leanne was going to move to Leeds (as if) and Nick stopped her, so this is all a bit moot. I'm a bit more interested in Imran's lovely hair, which has grown somewhat during that two week filming hiatus. Anyway, Nick says he's coming with her as they go away "indefinitely" (or at least until Jane Danson has had a proper break), leaving poor Sam disconsolate in Gail's front room.

Peter's got other business - meeting with his consultant at the hospital. His liver hasn't repaired itself and the next step is assessment for a transplant. There's no guarantee that he'll get on the list and then no assurance that there'll be a donor. He tells Carla and they agree that they're still going to get married (in secret).

George is in his funeral home - that looks like Emily Bishop's front room - busy polishing his coffin (missus). Because Todd is unable to deal with people without manipulating them, he tells Georgie-boy that Eileen thinks he is "classy and dignified", and then tells his ma that George won't stop talking about her. He reveals his evil plan to Billy to get them together so that he can put the fun into the funeral business. I guess he could put a lot of business Billy's way? It doesn't work out though as George gives Eileen a bunch of flowers with an "in sympathy" card attached and she stomps off, offended. No pie for George!

As an aside, I've only just realised that Todd 2.0 resembles Paddy Considine, n'est-ce pas?

The trolled troll Cathy says that her sister Nessa has insisted Alex go to stay with her in Scotland. So I guess that's an explanation as to why he's not in the programme at the moment, unlike Izzy, Beth, Audrey, Rita etc. Steve asks Dev to stop selling greetings cards and newspapers, because he hates all the nastiness between the Barlow-McDonalds and the Packham-Matthews. Gemma also apologises, so it looks like things are looking up for Cathy - until she gets more vicious messages and threats. I guess one of the writers has been reading Jon Ronson's So You've Been Publicly Shamed.

And that's all for Monday Friday.

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David Hughes said...

Never mind that a few copies of The Weatherfield Gazette and a tiny rack of cards do not a newsagent rivalry make, I’m still boggled by the Corrie props department who for months now have been stuffing every set with so much stuff it’s virtually impossible for the cast to even move! Have a good look, press the pause button for a minute and ponder how and why, for example, Fiz and Tyrone’s sitting/dining/kitchen is crammed with so much rubbish.. And every other set is the same...there’s a kleptomaniac on the loose !

Anonymous said...

Really enjoyed last night’s episodes and I haven’t said that in a long time. Firstly, great stuff with Carla and Peter. I’ve complained about their current storyline, I’ve found it boring and repetitive with lots of unnecessary hurdles (Adam, Lucas etc), but last night finally felt like a step in the right direction as we saw a glimpse of the old Carla and Peter. We saw their playful side and those scenes with the wedding rings were lovely. We want more of this, Corrie! Also, I’m very pleased to hear that they’re looking for a place of their own (it’s about time!).
My only criticism about Peter’s story is that I don’t feel like his life’s in any real jeopardy. Surely we the audience, and the characters (his dad, Carla, Tracy etc), should be in suspense, wondering if he’s going to make it or not but I don’t feel too worried yet. Anyone else feel the same?
There were lots of well-written character moments across the board last night. I especially liked the bench scene with Peter and Simon. The Nick/Natasha/Sam stuff was good too, as was the dialogue for Nick and Leanne.
I did find it a tad unbelievable that despite their lives being in danger, Leanne pretty much told the whole street about her departure. So much so slipping away quietly!
Makes me wonder what will bring them back. I’m guessing the drug’s gang will target some of Simons’ family to lure him back, maybe Peter or Sam?
I did have a theory where Simon dies and Peter gets his liver but I think that’s too dark and I don’t think Corrie would be cruel enough to kill off both of Leanne’s sons. But surely this drug’s storyline has to have a casualty at the end of it? Leanne, maybe?
Either way, I’m glad we’re getting a break from Leanne for a bit, the actress deserves a rest.
There’s loads I could complain about as the show as a whole right now (the Baileys, the Alina/Tyrone stuff, Billy and Todd *ugh*, The OTT Cathy trolling plot, the array of deadwood characters – but credit where credit’s due, last night’s offerings were good and felt character-driven which the show has been sorely lacking in imo.
Kudos to Sam Holdsworth for some fab writing!

Scott Willison said...

Never come round to my house David; it makes Fiz and Tyrone's look like a minimalist paradise...

Anonymous said...

There are two things I'd love to burn in Corrie: The factory, and Peter's blanket!

Anonymous said...

How many times has Peter told Simon he is going to be a better Dad? I wish they would get rid of Peter’s ‘look I’m poorly blanket’, can’t Carla buy him a nice jumper or just turn the heating up.


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