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Monday 26 April 2021

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Mon 26 April

Monday 26th April 2021
SHARON PUTS HER PLAN IN MOTION Sharon drags Sally and Gail for a drink but it’s soon clear that she’s really interested in tracking down Leanne. Realising Peter is Leanne’s ex, Sharon suggests they go for a coffee. But Peter claims he’s too tired. 
CHESNEY PLAYS PEACEMAKER Chesney calls at No.9 and warns Fiz that locking Tyrone out solves nothing and she needs to be the bigger person for the sake of the girls. Chesney calls at the garage and tells Tyrone he’s persuaded Fiz to let him see the girls. Tyrone gently explains to Hope and Ruby that he no longer wants to be with Mummy, he’s fallen in love with somebody else but he’ll always love them very much. Tyrone takes the girls to Speed Daal for their tea. But when Hope spots Alina and asks her to join them, pointing out she’s Daddy’s girlfriend, Tyrone and Alina are mortified.
DEV MEETS THE PARENTS Unhappy with Asha’s living arrangements, Dev resolves to have a word with Corey’s Dad. Dev meets up with Stefan, Corey’s Dad, but it’s soon clear that Stefan couldn’t care less what his son gets up to. Dev loses his temper and asserts that if Asha fails her exams or lands up pregnant, he’ll be holding him accountable for his lack of parental responsibility.
SEB’S BIRTHDAY GIFT MISSES THE MARK In a bid to win Nina round, Seb calls at the cafe in full Goth attire and handing her a funeral wreath for her birthday, explains how George helped him achieve the look. Nina’s furious and accuses him of making a mockery of her yet again. 
ELSEWHERE In the undertakers, Todd looks over the figures and warns George that people are too slow in paying their bills and he needs to toughen up. George pays no attention. Eileen listens as Todd phones a client and sets about chasing up funeral payments. She’s not convinced that George will be happy about it, but Todd disagrees.
Monday 26th April 2021
SHARON FEELS THE PRESSURE Sharon calls at No.8. Sharon steals Gail’s laptop. Refusing to take no for an answer, Gemma drags Sharon to the Rovers for cocktails. Whilst Jenny and Gemma mix the cocktails, Sharon breaks into Gail’s laptop and finds Nick’s mobile number. Jenny returns with the drinks and wonders why Sharon has a screensaver of Sam on her laptop. Making out she must have picked up Gail’s laptop by accident, Sharon hurries out. Sharon returns the laptop to Gail. Shona’s suspicious and tells Gail that Sharon’s up to something. 
DEV DRIVES ASHA AWAY When Corey reveals that Dev had a word with his Dad and she’s no longer welcome to stay, Asha’s furious. Aadi reveals to Dev that Asha’s been in touch and told him where she’s living. Dev calls at Nick and Leanne’s flat. A smug Corey explains that his parents have taken over the lease and the flat is now his and Asha’s. 
TYRONE PLAYS HAPPY FAMILIES Fiz makes up with Maria and admits her biggest fear is that the girls will choose Alina over her. Over tea, Hope quizzes Alina about her favourite things and to Tyrone’s delight, it’s clear the girls are smitten. As Tyrone, Alina, Hope and Ruby tumble out of Speed Daal in high spirits, Fiz steams over and doing her best not to cry, drags the girls away.
GEORGE SEES ANOTHER SIDE TO TODD George is horrified to discover that Todd has been demanding deposits from clients before the funeral has taken place and resolves to refund every one of them. Having called a few clients, George begrudgingly admits that Todd’s business idea is a good one and wonders if he’s got any more up his sleeve. 
ELSEWHERE Nina thaws towards Seb and explains how she became a Goth and what it means to her. Nina forgives Seb and asks him to move in.
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Anonymous said...

Nina and Seb have had one date and she is asking him to move in. How ridiculous.


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