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Monday 19 April 2021

Are you #TeamTyrone or #TeamFiz? It's a Coronation Street Blog debate!

Long time residents and one of Coronation Street's longest relationships, the blended family unit of Dobbs/Brown has been rocked to the core this year by Tyrone's awkward Alina crush. I say that because to start with, that's all it was. However, after moving out of N0.9, bedding Alina, and annoying all and sundry with this supposed mid-life crisis, it looks like Tyrone is now actually moving back in with Fiz?

Hardly. Tyrone has massively fallen for the aesthetically alluring Alina Pop. Although she’s 16 years his junior, he's still hoping to find a love nest for the two of them, whilst common-law wife Fiz is left alone to look after their young daughters in gloomy real-life domesticity.

With all the hallmarks of a classic love triangle, this storyline is polarising the #Corrie online fandom and splitting groups into opposing camps. So, in the interest of subjectivity and balance, I thought I'd take a closer look at Coronation Street's latest sensational affair, to decide just whose team I'm on!


1.He's not married to Fiz, owns number 9,  and a share of Webster's Autos. A man of means, you could say!
2.Tyrone is your typical alpha male and Alina is young and stunning.
3.Fiz should have married him years ago, or, tried a bit harder in the dreary domesticity of their relationship?
4.Age is nothing but a number! Tyrone is 38 and Alina is 22 (according to Corriepedia
5.Corrie is a show that has long been built on flaky men and strong female characters. Surely Tyrone’s infidelity is perfectly aligned with that long-standing ethos?

1.Tyrone & Fiz have two young girls to support. They should be his priority!
2.Alina is too young for him.
3.Fiz is devoted to him and the girls. She’s his rock in a hard place!
4.Fiz is reliable, dependable, and a fully-fledged adult who understands the complexity of relationship troubles.
5.Alina is a flight risk.


1. Fiz deserves a lot better than this.
2. Fiz wants to marry him.
3. Fiz helped Tyrone escape domestic violence from Kirstie, and has stuck with him whilst he got to know Evelyn. 
4. Fiz offers Tyrone the family unit he never had and gives him stability, just like Jack and Vera did. 
5. She’s looked after his daughter whilst he’s been building business at the garage. 

1.She hoodwinked him with emotional blackmail, using the girls as collateral! 
2.She never listens to what he has to say.
3.Fiz tried coaxing him into relationship counselling when it’s clear he’s not interested.
4.Fiz also tried to ‘surprise’ him with a foreign wedding - this could be perceived as coercive control
5.Seems to think that Maria is some kind of relationship expert even though she also tried to coax Tyrone away from her as well. Short memory, Fizbomb!

I rest my case, your honour! 

For me, and in the interest of subjectivity, the jury is still out - I can see it from both sides!

I am of similar age to Tyrone and could understand the mid-life crisis angle - if I wasn’t happily married that is. My wife is also 12 years younger than me. Age has no relevance in this romantic equation. 
Also, if Tyrone isn’t happy then why hang around? I mean, Alina is a stunner isn’t she but of course, looks can often be just skin deep. However, the children must be the number one priority here and with that point, I’m all for Team Fiz. He could grow up a bit and she could try a bit harder to meet his needs? 

Its risky ground is twitter so I shall leave it there!  

Is Tyrone making a huge mistake? I’d guess so, but only time will tell!

If you agree or disagree or you'd like to give us your viewpoint, I am @rybazoxo writing independently for @CoroStreetBlog

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C in Canada said...

Tyrone is being an idiot. He has Ruby to look after and he doesn't seem to give her a second though. I don't think Alina has either!
Fiz has been there through good and bad. She deserves a medal just for putting up with Evelyn for heaven's sakes.
I can just imagine what Evelyn will say about this when she returns.
As for the 'surprise' wedding - they had discussed the wedding in Greece before, so this was hardly out of the blue.
Fiz also has every right to use the girls as 'emotional blackmail' if that's what you call it. As I said above, Ty doesn't seem to have given them a second thought.

Anonymous said...

Although I agree that Tyrone is an idiot for going after Alina,I don't think he should be with Fiz either.
Fiz has not treated Ruby as her own daughter as she let Ruby take the blame for Hope's bad behaviour a few years ago which is a form of child abuse and never apologsied to Ruby or Tyrone.I fear for Ruby's safety and peace of mind now that her father has left the house.
As for Fiz marrying Tyrone,I think it's more about her being the beneficary of his will rather than love to ensure that she gets the house and Tyrone's share of the garage.
If anyone who deserves a medal,it's Tyrone for having to deal with Fiz putting him down,blaming him when they have money troubles and Evelyn for having to deal with Hope.

Abercrombie said...

In life it would be preposterous to leave a partner for someone of any age that you knew only from a few admiring glances and a spot of much needed support. Absolutely ridiculous. Midlife crisis. So he will hurt both women and then play victim I suppose. Like Peter Barlow. I guess some of these scripts are true to life when it comes to gender roles. Fiz is left folding the tea towels and dealing with her child and HIS whilst Tyrone ups his sex life.

Anonymous said...

jeanie (anon): Clearly, they should try to stay together for the sake of their children; and it's a total personality transplant for decent Alina to encourage Tyrone in his foolishness. One moment, she's good-natured, honorable Alina, not wanting to hurt Emma, the next moment she's a so-called Euro-tart "accidentally" revealing herself to Tyrone in her towel!

That said, I could see why Tyrone would want to move on from Fiz--they are such a dreary couple.Fiz is shrill, dense, her main distinguishing trait a kind of stupid cunning which has led her into many a (backfiring) lie; Tyrone is decent and caring but a bit dull himself. Why Alina, young, very good-looking, would want to get tangled up with either of them is quite beyond me. It only works on a sort of sleaze level where the penniless immigrant sees an opportunity in the slightly affluent, middle-aged man, but they never cast Alina like this so it doesn't really fit.

On the plus side, Fiz and Tyrone are a blended family, each with a child from a different partner, so theoretically they could each take their biological child and live separately. They're both right on the street so the girls would still see each other. And it wasn't so long ago that Hope was terrifying Ruby, so maybe the girl would be happy to move out.

I just hope this doesn't signal the eventual departure of Alina--she deserves a nice, normal, age-appropriate guy, after Seb and now Tyrone!

SimoneJenifer said...

Wow! I was team Fiz until reading your lists. #TeamTyrone
(undoubtedly, they'll make their way back together sometime down the road)

fairycake said...

If I were telling the story, I would have Kirsty return and kidnap young Ruby while under Alina's watch. Tyrone would reunite with Fiz during the search for his daughter. I LOVED Alina when she first began and really wanted her to return after the nail salon tale. She and Seb should have remained together (since I can't have him 0;-) ). Now I really dislike Alina after this silly business with Tyrone! I truly believe that Fiz and Tyrone are the modern day Jack and Vera whom we all miss so much, and that they should be together in the end. X

Humpty Dumpty said...

If this was a novel, I guess I'd be Team Fiz on the basis that she's left with two unhappy children. However ... these three characters are on screen and there is absolutely no chemistry between Tyrone and Fiz, or Tyrone and Alina. Ty and Fiz used to work well but now they are boring. Not in a well thought out boring domesticity storyline. Just boring to watch on screen. So, apologies, I am Team Cup-of-Tea.

C in Canada said...

I don't get what you're getting from this at all.
Hope was blaming Ruby for her bad behavior, as they didn't know if it was one or the other. It wasn't Fiz 'letting her take the blame'.
If Ruby's welfare is in such jeopardy then maybe Tyrone should take a better interest in his own daughter.
I have never seen Fiz act the gold digger in any way, and if she's blaming Tyrone for their money troubles then it's rightly so. Tyrone put them in huge debt for a good Christmas for Hope (albeit good intentions) and recently letting someone steal furniture from Gary's shop.

Newfy Pearl said...

I was surprised by the way the story began. I fetl bad for Ty who was tempted into a kiss and then treated like a pariah when he fessed up to it. He struggled with his feelings for Alina...which honestly is just an infatuation.
Fix is a harpy and a drudge. Too little too late from her. I was tired of the two of them long ago. Especially with the Hope storyline where poor little Ruby was not being treated well.
But with this latest turn, Ty is making me sick. To have his wife dig out his air mattress from the attic while he has sex with his girlfriend on the side....phuleese!
As for Alina.... I thought Corrie was showing her to be a kind and strong character despite her background ordeal. I am beginning to dislike her now just as I did Tina before they killed her off. What is with these writiers!

Anonymous said...

C in Canada,I was referring to when Hope tried to push Joseph down the stairs and when Chesney told Fiz even warning her to keep Hope away from Joseph,Fiz did not say a word to Tyrone only after when he spanked Ruby for flooding the bathroom [which Hope did].
Granted Tyrone spent too much on Lapland for Hope,but Fiz also said nothing to stop him because it was for Hope and as for Gary's shop,Fiz could just closed it for the day thus sparing Tyrone more trouble.

Laura B said...

Newfy Pearl, you are spot on! I agree with all you've said. Let's also not forget how Fizz spent many months away from her kids to take care of her mother (we know that the actress was pregnant). What kind of a mother stays away so long from her children, especially to care for a mother she wasn't that fond of! In that respect, Tyrone wins more favour. But you're right as I'm sick of the both of them together and also not liking Alina's turn of character!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't the house belong to Tyrone? Why does he have to leave?


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