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Monday 26 April 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 26th April

When 40-a-day woman Sharon returned, it seemed as if she was after the Kabin, which surprised me because even before the troll story, the shop can hardly have been a goldmine, selling two Gazettes, Ken's Saturday Guardian and a quarter of pear drops per day. But her true intention is revealed as she meets up with Gail and Sally (saying that they haven't aged a bit - it's true that Gail does have the same hair she did in the 80s) and quizzes them about Leanne, shortly before meeting up with nephew Horrible Harvey in chokey to feed back on her efforts to track down la Battersby. She visits number 8 and runs off with Gail's tablet, finding Nick's mobile number. When she returns it, Shona voices her suspicions and Sharon attempts to groom Sam.

(I've just realised that the character and actor are "Sharon and Tracey" in one - for younger readers, these names were the "Karen" of the 1980s).

At the Fun Home, Todd is looking at the books, and finding that Shuttleworth's, unlike George's suit, is not in the black. I'm sure people pay in advance for funerals, don't they? Anyway, he starts chasing up deposits to George's chagrin, although he later changes his mind.

George is busy helping Seb woo Nina with some second hand flowers (changing Nana to Nina). Seb gets dressed up as a Victorian professional mourner (although he looks a bit like Mick Jagger in Performance) to present it to her. Nina is not impressed and tells him to sling his hook. However, they later make up when she explains her gothdom to him and then asks him to move in.

Chesney does another one of his pep talks to Fiz and then yet another one to Ty and brokers access to the girls. He should pack in the kebab career and get a job as a professional mediator. Tyrone takes Hope 'n' Ruby to Speed Daal where Alina accidentally turns up and they all get on like a house on fire, although it might be Alina's actual house on fire when the Fizzster finds out. 

And finally, Dev and his mini-me are worried about Asha staying chez Corey (as a side note, I hope it's 12th April soon on the Street so that Aadi can get his Madchester locks chopped). We finally found out who publishes "Hiya" and "Seriously" (but not "Chit Chat") - it's Corey's dad. He's too pre-occupied by his business to listen to Dev's concerns, but later says tells Corey that Asha should return home, but Asha says she'd rather sleep on a park bench then go back to number 7. Fortunately, Maxine's bench will remain unslept on as Corey's papa has rented Nick's flat for them. Give her two weeks of picking up Corey's dirty socks and she'll be rushing back home.

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1 comment:

Louby said...

The episode was worth watching for Nina's moving monologue. She's fab, and I hate what's in store for them.

The flat, so funny. I'm generally in favour of recycling, maybe not for Corrie sets though! Also, Nick, Leanne and Simon only moved out a couple of weeks ago, taking minimal luggage, yet the flat is now totally empty.


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