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Friday 30 April 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 30 April

 Evening Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review.

Peter’s back in Wethie General waiting for his liver transplant. He’s been in that hospital bed so many times this year I’m surprised he doesn’t get a blue plaque. Back on the street, Sharon has somehow found out about his transplant and uses the knowledge to continue her unsubtle grooming of Sam. She tells him he should message Nick so that he can let Simon know about his dad. Her plan works, Simon overhears Nick telling Leanne about the transplant and does a runner from the safe house. I’m sure it wasn’t just me who thought the safe house looked remarkably like their old flat in Victoria Court. When Leanne and Nick said they said they were ‘going into hiding’ did they actually meaning moving down one floor? 

Pleased with how her plan has worked out Sharon visits Harvey in prison, but as she leaves she bumps into a very suspicious Jenny. She makes up a lie about mentoring one of the prisoners but there’s no fooling our favourite landlady who vows to find out what she’s up to. 

When Leanne finds out Simon’s gone, she goes immediately into her patented Battersby strop, telling Nick he’s put them all in danger and that Simon is probably being tortured as they speak. Actually he’s sat at Peter’s hospital bed moaning that being in hiding is boring. Unbeknownst to Peter and Simon one of the cleaners is working for Harvey and makes a covert phone call to let someone know where to find Simon. Nice work Si, you’ve risked your whole family’s safety because you can’t get Netflix in in your safe house!

Meanwhile Todd bleats to Eileen that George has unfairly sacked him from the undertakers. She goes marching round to George's but finds that Todd was actually sacked for being money-grabbing and having no moral compass. Amazingly she still manages to wangle him a weeks notice with pay. Left on his own, Todd deals sensitively with an old school friend who has lost his son. Impressed George offers him his job back. 

In other news, Kev and Abi tell Tyrone he can’t bring Alina to the wedding which leads to him resigning as Best Man and Kelly flirts with Corey the creep telling him that she used to fancy him when he was a bad boy but now he's with Asha he’s Mr Boring. 

Back at the hospital Peter is told the liver isn’t viable so he won’t be getting a transplant after all. As he gets ready to leave he hears the hears the dodgy cleaner on the phone and twigs that he’s working for Harvey. He shouts at Simon to run. As Si legs it, the cleaner punches Peter in the stomach. Simon gets away but Peter is taken for a scan and then told by a pretty judgmental doctor that getting into fights could go against him getting another transplant. Seems a bit unfair.

Simon returns to Nick and Leanne and tells him he was almost caught. They all dump their sim cards, but have they done enough to keep themselves safe?

And that's all for this week. If you have a candidate in mind for Peter's liver donor let me know in the comments or on twitter @mskelstar. I'm hoping for either Harvey or anaesthetic needed for either of them, just whip it out!

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Humpty Dumpty said...

I imagine Sharon is going to be rumbled fairly soon. Surely Jenny will ask Johnny if he's seen someone of Sharon's description. She does have quite a distinctive hairstyle for a start. It won't take long before it's discovered she's visiting Harvey. Once her story starts to unravel, we will get into something more serious. I seem to remember reading an interview where Tracie Bennett said the story would go into a much darker place.

Sharon boothroyd said...

I expect it will involve kidnapping Rita again! If not, it'll be Simon or Sam.
I thought Jane Danson deserved a holiday but she's being dragged back into it. She and Nick are staying somewhere that looks curiously like a Victoria Court flat set...
I'm pleased to hear Carla and Peter are finally getting their own place.
I'd have thought Peter's bedroom would be a better place to er - celebrate their second marriage rather than The Barlow's living room floor - but there you go!


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