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Tuesday 13 April 2021

Ellie Leach interview: Could Faye be sent to jail?

How has Faye been coping the last few months after the incident with Ray, then Adam’s attack, turned her life upside down?
She still can’t really believe that all this has happened, I think the person she’s most worried about is Gary because he’s still in prison for her and that’s what is playing on her mind the most. She expected when she went to the police and told them that it was her that Gary would be released so she still has no idea what’s going to happen to either of them. She is confused and scared because she just doesn’t know what to expect. 
So how does she feel on the day they’re due in court for sentencing?
She’s definitely scared and nervous but she knows that this day has been coming, she didn’t expect to just get away with what she did but she doesn’t know what is going to happen.
If she is sentenced to prison do you think that would be a massive shock?
It would be a shock but she knows she’s made mistakes and she has to pay for those mistakes, she’s just hoping not in prison. She’s a good person and she knows she has to take the blame for what she did but she also feels that she’s taking the blame for what Ray did to her and that’s really hard for her. She knows that what Ray did to her was wrong, whatever he says, and it will affect her for the rest of her life and now it feels like she’s paying for that.
How does it make her feel that Ray still hasn’t admitted to the assault on her?
That wasn’t a mistake, he knew what he was doing and so does she and she wants other people to know.
In the midst of all this we’ve seen Faye and Craig’s relationship move on to be more than just friends, it’s not the best timing though is it?!
No not really! I think she does genuinely love Craig, their relationship has grown from friendship and I think that’s what’s great about it. They’ve been friends for years, this hasn’t just happened overnight, they’ve built a relationship based on friendship and I think that really shows in the way they trust each other. Craig’s always been there for her over the years and genuinely loves and trusts him. It’s hard though because she’s thinking if she does go to prison, what’s he going to do, she wouldn’t ever tell him he has to wait for her.
Is that holding her back in the relationship?
Yeah definitely, I don’t think she wants to give too much because she doesn’t know if she’s going to be there forever and she doesn’t expect him to be waiting forever either.
Is she also worried about how this could impact on his job?
Yes definitely, if she does go to prison and he keeps in contact with her then he could possibly lose his job and she’s not prepared for that to happen. She tells him she thinks they should call it a day, she doesn’t want him to ruin his life for her.
How does Craig react to that?
He’s upset that she thinks that them being together is going to ruin his life, but in reality there is that chance. Fay’e trying to look at the bigger picture but Craig’s just consumed by the moment.
Gary is also up in court for perverting the course of justice, is Faye worried about Gary too?
Faye just wants Gary to be able to live his life again because the reason he’s in prison is her. She’s probably more worried about Gary than she is herself. He’s her brother and she thinks the world of him. Anything that anybody else is saying about him, like Kelly, Faye just doesn’t believe her brother would do that. Even when he tries to say he’s not all he’s cracked up to be Faye just can’t accept that.
How are you enjoying playing all this out - the Ray element, Gary and the romance with Craig?
I’m loving it, it’s like having three storylines rolled into one! The biggest storyline I’d had before this was the teen pregnancy but I was very young when I did that, 12/13, so it’s great playing the same character as she matures. I’m growing up alongside Faye, It’s also been really nice having all the family scenes, working so closely with Mikey again. The mix of emotions have been great to play, there have been scenes that have been super emotional but then some light hearted with Craig.
You’re not the only character who’s growing up on the show, alongside Craig, Asha, Aadi, Amy, Simon there’s a big group of you. Are you enjoying that bond?
There’s a really big group of us, ranging from 17 to in our early 20s and it’s what Corrie does really well. Yes there are older characters who’ve been there for years but there’s also always younger characters who have a lot of history. There’s a great mix of characters with someone that every family can relate to. 
Do you enjoy having lots of younger people to work with now?
Yes it’s great to have people your own age, I love the mix. When I was younger I did a lot of scenes with Debbie, Mikey and Ian, I was always with adults, but I learnt a lot about how to be professional in a working environment 
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