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Saturday 24 April 2021

Corrie Comicals week ending Friday 23 April 2021

Well Peter made it to Monday - hypotension and hypoglycaemia notwithstanding and Carla had removed his wedding ring as she had read they could cut things off if there were unusual swellings and she did not want his new ring damaged.  Oddly Peter does tend to get swellings after marrying Carla; last time around a quickie visit to Tina McIntyre fixed that.  What is hard to realise is that took place over 7 years ago!

Emma is telling Jenny that she was once told that you swallow 8 spiders across your life and anyway why would a spider walk into your mouth in the first place - although she does not want Jenny thinking she is a frog.  Then adds that she has kissed a few!  Frogs presumably not spiders.  It appears to be spider season this week as I have had the ladies of the house seeking urgent removal of several invaders!

What is it with the Bistro and ninjas?  A few years ago we had the mystery Bistro ninja robbery when Michelle robbed her own Bistro and got away with it!.  Now Debbie accuses Gary of being a ninja assassin.  All he wants is a quiet word with Miles.  And that goes badly!  No assassination or anything remotely violent.

I never walk around the house in a dressing gown.  Get out of bed, shower, dressed.  So how we end up with two full grown men in dressing gowns in one room is hard to accept.  Gary has just remarked he will only be staying a day or so and will soon be out of Tim's hair - which is what he is looking for above!  Anyway judging by the signals exchanged later on Gary will soon be enjoying the sight of Maria in and (probably) out of a dressing gown.

Just a couple of minor problems there Gary.  Even if you manage to get Maria and Izzy back on side can I remind you that Kelly still wants to know what you did with the Loan Arranger, Rick Neelan, and the Connor and Nazir clans would like to be put out their misery over the events which led to Rana becoming squished (although I reckon she is to blame for that - what woman leaves her handbag behind?).  If we are going to live with a redeemed Gary his misdeeds are not going away any time soon.

Roy has just entered having swept the Street as Seb makes to leave having spent the night with Nina.  Roy is of course remembering that they went to see Lugosi's curse on Wednesday and that they would have had a night out!  However given the paper thin nature of walls I suspect he is aware that there was some subsequent activity.  Even he realises that the above comment is open to misinterpretation and rapidly attempts to withdraw it.  Far too late Royston!!

I shall have a lot more to say about couplings when I write my review of Friday night on the Street - just as soon as this post is complete.

Asha has just attempted to deny not having gone to school today claiming a study period as her excuse for being at home with Corey (whom young Aadi has just given a decent smack) and not in lessons!  Dev explains that his parentage is as given above and that he therefore does not believe her!  I thought it was Sally's sister Gina Seddon who had a hat problem not Sally!

And I leave it to you to envisage how  Dev (age 57) could be the child of Sally (age 53)!

Written by: Alasdair Morrison & Owen Lloyd-Fox (Monday); Simon Crowther & Ellen Taylor (Wednesday); Cameron McAllister & Nessah Muthy (Friday)
Directed by: Jason Wingard (Monday & Wednesday); Lee Trevor (Friday)

I note a new director at the helm this week - so a welcome from me.  I was a little surprised at first thinking that he was a deceased actor - but I had confused Peter Wyngarde and his famous alter ego Jason King.  


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