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Thursday 15 April 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 14th April 7.30 & 8.30 pm

In light of Nick's moonlight flit and abandonment of his son Sam, this county lines drug dealing storyline is shifting sideways slightly, by way of a blooming friendship between old adversaries, Gail and Natasha. This can only be a good thing! There's no question of Nick, Leanne and Simon's triumvirate of acting prowess, however, this well needed humour injection is what's needed. These two now have common ground to share, and through a masterstroke of retcon paternity, this should give us plenty of future storyline material!

Tonight, and with Nick out of the way, Natasha asks Gail to babysit for Sam whilst she’s out and about. Gail is only too happy to agree and Sam gets comfy at his grans, prompting Natasha and Gail to open a bottle of vino, upon her return. Setting the world to rights, it seems these two have put the past behind them.  

Tyrone seems to have fallen head over heels/or wrench for Alina, but can Fiz put a spanner in their potential romance? Falling foul of Abi’s temperament and Alina’s perceived flirtations with Lucas, Tyrone seems caught in the headlights but Alina promises him a talk. Meanwhile, Roy visits N0.9, and then the garage, offering Fiz and Tyrone some separate words of advice. Tyrone is emotionally affected by Roy’s honesty and sensing his vulnerability, Fiz asks him to move back home. Using the girl’s emotional upheaval as collateral, Tyrone is somewhat swayed and visits Alina to tell her about him moving back home. Expressing his newfound love for her, Alina accepts Tyrone’s decision and they jump into bed. Tyrone moves back home but tells Fiz that he’s searching for a flat, and insists the girls must know that he’s just sleeping on the sofa.

Peter’s duel transplant / Simon woes are causing him sleepless nights so Carla offers to postpone their vows. He refuses and is adamant that the marriage will be going ahead, telling Tracy that this simple ceremony will happen without family in attendance. Tracy ignores Peter’s wishes and is quick to start organising the flowers - she seems hellbent on attending the wedding regardless. Later, Carla tells Tracy that she doesn’t want her attending, as this could be their last chance, what with Peter’s time slowly running out. 

Brian talks to Bernie about Cathy’s trolling nightmare and questions what to do about the death threats. Galvanised by Bernie’s insistence that something must be done, he makes a phone call to the police. 
PC Tinker explains that little can be done without actual evidence - until some deep fake video of Cathy appears online. It then transpires that Bernie has been trolling the trolls too in defence of Cathy and Gemma. With Bernie being reported to the police, Craig visits the ladies and warns all three of them to go offline for a bit. Later, Yasmeen tries to offer Cathy a friendly drink, only for Cathy to tell Brian that she’s leaving the street until trolling dies down. She doesn’t leave, she just moves into N0.6 with Yasmeen. 

Elsewhere in tonight’s episodes; Ed returns following a night away from home and Michael discovers that his Dad has started gambling again. Ed uses the DNA duplicitousness as an excuse for his card sharking, clearing £1K out of the joint savings account, and Ronnie warns his brother about the risk of wrecking his family unit. Later, it turns out that Ed hasn’t spent £1K on gambling, he’s bought a campervan for him and Aggie, instead! 

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C in Canada said...

This whole Tylina storyline feels so....not Tyrone. After everything he and Fiz have gone through with their respective ex's, I can't see him upping sticks and moving onto someone else just because she caught his eye.
I hate when characters are written to fit the storyline, and not the character's traits. It's just not working for me. I also don't see what Aline sees in Tyrone.

I am looking forward to stories of Ed and Aggie in a campervan though, that sounds funny and at least interesting!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you completely regarding Tyrone, I also can't see him leaving his children.
I don't get what Alina finds remotely attractive about Tyrone, (not that he is unattractive, I think he is a nice guy) but to a young woman in her twenties not believable.
I really, really wish the writers would come up with a good storyline for the Bailey's. They need to interact with the other cast members more. Like C in Canada, I am also a Canadian viewer and I intensely dislike the Ronnie (is he the Daddy storyline) I wish he would ride off into the sunset and leave the family alone!

Humpty Dumpty said...

I've felt for a long that Chris Gascoyne is going through the last motions of playing Peter Barlow. The actor dropped hints that Peter would die if he continued to drink. At the beginning of this latest alcohol storyline, there were a number of possibilities for Peter. He could get the right treatment in time and continue to live on the street; he could leave the street for whatever reason, giving the actor a sabbatical; he could die a long, slow death; or he could exit in 'an explosive storyline befitting a much-loved character'. My quotes but I'm pretty sure that's what the PR department will say if it goes that way. Maybe the actor wants to move on as there's nothing more he can do with the character. The producers feel the public won't want Peter with a new head so he would have to die. It would be an authentic exit. I think Peter will collapse after taking his vows, dying a week later. The sadness is that Peter/Chris hasn't been used well for a long time.

popcorn said...

I think it is just as ridiculous to believe that Alina would be interested in Tyrone, for so many reasons.

CK said...

Wow I had no idea I missed an episode Tuesday until they mention Cathy's birthday and the wreath. Didnt miss much I guess...

Sharon boothroyd said...

Yes Humpty dumpty I agree about Chris G.
He's one of the best actors in the street but I can sense that recently Chris playing Peter, seems to be hacked off and irritable a lot.
I guess established soap actors fancy a change, but I reckon these long- standing bread and butter roles (bread rolls?!) bring them back.
Killing off a Barlow is a serious matter because there are the only original Corrie family.
If they killed Peter off (and I hope Chris G just takes a break) I think they'd need to bring another Barlow in - one if Ken's baddie cast- off sons or grandsons, maybe?
The Connors, The Battersbys, The Windasses, The Websters and the MCdonalds have been diluted so we need a strong family. The Platts perhaps, but not The Baileys.


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