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Friday 2 April 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 2 April

Evening Corrie fans it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review.

At No. 9 things are still strained between Fiz and Tyrone, with Fiz unable to get past Ty’s kiss with Alina. Chesney offers to have the kids for the afternoon so that they can sort things out over a lunch date at Speed Daal, but it doesn’t go well. Despite Tyrone repeating that it was a mistake and that it’s her he wants, Fiz continues to goad him with impossible questions like “Do you think about her when we’re in bed?”. Finally, Ty snaps and tells her that the bottom line is does she forgive him or not? Not to be an apologist for Ty’s infidelity but I do feel like Fiz is somewhat overreacting to this one kiss, given that a couple of years ago Tyrone had sex with Gemma…on their sofa! 

With Ty having stormed off, Fiz turns to Maria for advice (yes, the same Maria who tried to break him and Fiz up by sending threatening text messages pretending to be his abusive ex Kirsty). While in the Rovers, Tyrone gets a pep talk from Kevin (yes, the same Kevin who had a year-long affair with his wife during which they conceived a child who was passed off as Tyrone’s). 

Meanwhile in the caf√©, Corey the creep is feeling smug that he’s got Asha back. Asha herself seems more concerned with Nina and Seb, who have made a date to watch a film together that evening. When Asha invites Corey back to No.7, he tries to pressure her into sleeping with him, but at that moment Dev arrives home. Furious to see the hormonal little tyke perving over his daughter again, he orders him out of his house, telling him he can either he walks through the door or be thrown through it (Yes Devendra!). 

When Dev reveals that Nina is with Seb, Asha says she already knew and insists she’s fine with it. Unconvinced, Dev has a go at Nina for moving on too quickly. When Asha hears about it, she rages at her dad that he has no right to interfere. Then she admits that her and Corey are back together and there’s nothing he can do about it. 

Summer returns home from a sleepover to find Todd and Billy back together. She says she’s happy but feels a bit sorry for Paul. Make your mind up love, it was you who encouraged Billy to go after Todd. After getting Billy back, Todd is supremely confident that he’ll also be able to get his job back in the factory but he gets a knockback from Sarah. It doesn’t matter of course, because Weatherfield has a 100% employment rate and within five minutes Todd has got a job as an assistant at George’s new funeral parlour. 

In other news, Michael is furious that Grace has allowed Aggie to see Glory on Facetime and tells his mum she needs to back off and give him some space. Also, Faye pushes Craig away, (which I thought was because he was being rather clingy and doing that mouth breathing thing again), but which is actually because she doesn’t want him to put his life on hold while she’s in prison. Later after Fate has visited Gary in prison, the two are reconciled and profess their love for each other.

Back at No. 9, Fiz returns to find Ty making dinner for them. They make plans for a holiday and Fiz says she does want to stay together and get through their problems, but that he needs to tell Alina to leave Weatherfield. Tyrone does as he’s told but Alina is furious and refuses. When he gets back, he lies to Fiz and says Alina is thinking about it.

And that’s it for this week. Anyone else get the impression that Fiz’s is only bothered by Tyrone’s and Alina’s kiss because Alina is pretty? So by that token Ty could have a full-on affair with Steve McDonald without her raising an eyebrow. Corrie writers, if you want that idea, I’m available @mskelstar  

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Anonymous said...

Fiz has no problem with Gemma [who slept with Tyrone]being with her brother and living next door but Alina has to leave town?
What a nasty hyporcrite Fiz is!
I don't think Fiz even loves Tyrone anymore but only wants to marry him so she'll be the benefactor of his will[not Ruby and Evelyn] getting the house and Tyrone's share of the garage.

Louby said...

I don't think that the script writers consider that Fizz may or may not be a hypocrite, just whatever they want to happen next.

It's a shame that Fizz isn't still the feisty character she was in her earlier years, but to be fair, that is quite realistic for a young woman bogged down by looking after a family and home.

It bothers me more that the scriptwriters think this is a good plot for these characters. Alina who has survived quite awful trauma gets to have an affair with some boring old fart. Thrilling.

CK said...

I agree! It was much more interesting when Adam was interested in Alina. Why Tyrone?

Anonymous said...

This storyline is so lame. Alina didn't want to get back with Seb while/after he was with Emma. He makes an insensitive comment and bang, she go off him for good. The writers think we are brainless. They keep shoehorning plotlines to suit them, not the characters.


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