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Friday 16 April 2021

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 16 April

Evening Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review.
It’s the day of Carla and Peter’s wedding. The bride is looking radiant as she applies her make up in Roy’s Roll and waits for Nina to finish making her dress. It’s no surprise to me that these two have bonded, given their mutual devotion to all black clothing. I must admit I was slightly dismayed that our lovely goth seamstress didn’t fit Ms Connor out in a black ballgown, top hat and cloak, but you can’t have everything. 

In contrast, over at No. 1 the groom looks like death warmed up. Daniel tries to persuade him he needs to postpone the wedding but although he’s touched by his brother’s concern and asks him to be his best man, Peter insists that nothing will stop him marrying Carla. And if that isn’t a premonition for disaster, I don’t know what is. 

Meanwhile, it’s the day before Faye’s court hearing. Faye and Craig have lunch in Speed Daal, where Craig’s colleague Jess congratulates Craig on being offered an attachment with CID. They must be desperate; Craig is the worst copper in Weatherfield. And as the Weatherfield police regularly bang up the wrong person, that’s up against some pretty stiff competition.

Jess warns Craig that he must disclose to his superiors that his girlfriend has a criminal record. This news makes him stand around with his mouth open a lot. Craig later confides in Kirk that staying with Faye could mean the end of his police career. Later PC Tinker calls at No.4 with the bad news that Ray has pleaded not guilty to attempted rape, which not only upsets Faye, it also totally ruins Sally’s Russian Salad. 

Also at Speed Daal, Fiz unwisely decides to arrange a counselling session with Toyah for her and Ty. It’s a complete disaster for a number of reasons. Firstly, they keep being interrupted by Bernie, who has a coupon and a hilarious disdain for mental health issues, secondly Tyrone woke up earlier that day on the most uncomfortable-looking sofa I’ve ever seen, rather than in Alina’s silky sheets and lastly because Toyah keeps insisting on using phrases like ‘Speak your truth’, which would make even the most reasonable person want to push her face into a plate of chicken karahi. Luckily, she’s called back to the factory to deal with some beaded thongs before she can tell them they need to look through the rain to see the rainbow.

In other news, Elaine seems to feel that Cathy is outstaying her welcome at Yasmeen’s. Good grief woman she’s only been there about 12 hours, how bad can she be? Despite being sworn to secrecy, she immediately blabs to Brian about Cathy’s whereabouts, but Cathy insists she’s not going home. Also, Seb wants to go to a goth gig with Nina but is worried he won’t fit in. Abi tells him to leave it to her. I fear her solution may be to cover him in an amount of make-up that a Drag Race contestant would reject as being ‘a bit much’.

Back at the low-grade wedding hotel, Carla is anxiously waiting for Peter with her newly appointed best man Roy. When he arrives, is clear that he’s ill and struggling, but the two romantically declare their love for each other and with Carla hustling the registrar to speed things up, they are finally declared man and wife. But as the path of true love can never run smooth for these two, when they make it back to the cobbles Peter stumbles from the taxi and collapses face down onto the street.

Will he be ok? I wonder if Corrie will actually do the unthinkable and kill Peter off? We'll find out next week. In the meantime I'll be running a poll on who Britain would prefer a pep talk from - Bernie or Toyah? Cast your vote in the comments section or tell me on twitter @mskelstar

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Anonymous said...

I have sadly decided that I will never watch Coronation Street again as long as I live as I find it profoundly upsetting. It is nothing like the entertaining program it was in the late 1970s and early 1980s with characters who were so familiar we almost felt we knew them personally. Now all the program seems to be about is who is sleeping with who and characters being thrown into prison, which it seems is now going to happen to Faye Windass, the latest in a long line to suffer this fate. To be perfectly frank watching the program now has an adverse effect on my mental health. I do not know how long the program will last but it will never change now. Perhaps Tony Warren would be sad to see what his brilliant creation has turned into, a hotchpotch of sex, violence and general unpleasantness.

maggie muggins said...

Oh my, the "counselling" session with Toyah (was that the Bistro?) still has me in stitches! Not so much due to Bernie's interfering one-liners. Just that is was so ridiculously unlikely to set up a session in a restaurant, and then for Toyah to keep complaining about a lack of privacy. How did they all keep a straight face in that scene?

Still, was much better than Tuesday's fiasco, with fun from Nina, wise words from Roy and some warm brotherly lerve. But I do worry about Elaine. Why is she so nervous to have Cathy over at Yasmeen's? Better be a good reason, or else we have more loose wet noodles instead of good storytelling.


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