Monday, 3 February 2020

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Mon 3 Feb

GEOFF AND YASMEEN STRUGGLE TO FIND THE MAGIC Geoff scuppers Alya’s plans to take Yasmeen for a massage telling Yasmeen that Emma is not available to be his assistant for Tianna’s birthday party later. He forces a reluctant and claustrophobic Yasmeen to rehearse his crushed in a box trick. But when the trick doesn’t go to plan at the party and Yasmeen panics he paints on a smile for the audience but makes it clear to Yasmeen that he  is less than pleased.GARY PUTS HIS FOOT IN IT Maria explains to Liam she has lost the baby but she is upset when Gary tells Liam he will have a brother or sister.STEVE AND TRACY RESORT TO TYPE The Book Club gathers in the Rovers. Steve and Tracy are bored stiff and when Steve quietly reveals he’s booked a night at a posh hotel, they make their excuses and hurry out.ELSEWHERE A dishevelled Nina calls in the cafe. Roy’s pleased to see her whilst Carla’s concerned. Daniel is uneasy when he wakes up on the sofa to find Bethany asleep beside him still in Sinead’s dressing gown.

YASMEEN TAKES THE HIT FOR GEOFF’S MISTAKE Geoff is furious with Yasmeen for making him a ‘laughing stock’ and when he discovers a video of the act going wrong has been uploaded and is on line he cruelly points a camera phone in her face filming and goading her. He also has a go at Tim who is surprised to see his dad can’t see the funny side 
GARY STICKS TO HIS GUNS Ike calls in the furniture shop and begs Gary to lend him £300 explaining that he’s desperate. Gary refuses and pushes him out of the shop. Gary assures Maria that he wants to be with her, baby or not. Maria’s relieved.STEVE ALMOST SLIPS OUT OF TRACY’S HANDS Steve and Tracy are disappointed to discover their posh hotel room is anything but posh. Steve and Tracy agree that tiptoeing round each other isn’t working and it’s time to be honest with each other. Will they see eye to eye. ELSEWHERE When Bethany reveals that she spent the night at Daniel’s, Sarah warns her to tread very carefully as he’s clearly still grieving for his wife. Daniel explains to Bethany that he’s not ready for a relationship. Bethany assures him she’s prepared to wait. Nina calls at the cafe again and admits she’s starving and short of money. Roy offers to help her out but Nina refuses to take his money. Keen to see more of his daughter, Michael makes Grace promise to keep in regular touch.
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Bobby Dazzler said...

I am guessing that someone is going to see the video of Jeff abusing and terrifying Yasmeen at some point...maybe used as evidence further down the road. We know from the spoilers that Geoff will lock Yaz in the box and leave her...Tim will find her. Will this be the end? Was Geoff like this with Tim's mother? Will anyone save Yasmeen.
Dreadful to's a fella no one would be looking for..

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