Friday, 7 February 2020

Ken and Claudia in Stillwaters - a spin-off Corrie series?

Now that we know Ken isn't actually leaving Coronation Street, he's just moving away, I've had my thinking cap on.

Might there be the opportunity for Corrie to run a spin-off series called Still Waters? It's got all the right ingredients for a soap opera.

There's a strong sense of place with the retirement home where Ken and Claudia live. 

And as has already been hinted at by ITV in this press release about William Roache leaving Corrie, Ken bumps heads with one of the residents already there. So we've got tension and drama.

We've got Claudia so that's the glamour taken care of.

And we've got Norris and Freda, it's a ready-made community ripe for TV.

What do you reckon, Corrie fans?

Could there be a new Still Waters Corrie spin-off series?

Would you watch it if there was?

Glenda Young
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Catsmom said...

I'd watch it if I can (living in the USA makes that dicey). Sounds like a good idea!

Chewy said...

It'd be cool if they devoted an episode per week to it, it'd mean there wouldnt be as much to keep up to date on, on the street itself

tim1961 said...

I had the exact same thought when I heard about the storyline of Ken moving in to the old folks home and we would definitely watch it

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