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Tuesday, 11 February 2020

Sally Carman interview: Revenge on Ray and kissing Kevin

How is Abi feeling after discovering the truth about Ray and taking her revenge on him?

When Abi invests in someone and she’s then let down or hurt she comes out fighting. Instead of getting upset she gets angry because that's her survival tack, that’s how she’s had to be her whole life. So she’s furious, she really thought she might have found a good one, he was charming, fun and treat her really well, he didn’t seem to mind out about her past, he ticked all the boxes then he turned out to be a sex pest which rained on her parade.

She reacted Abi style didn't she without thinking anything through?

Abi’s quite emotionally immature, she reacts as a child would I guess, she had this big outburst, pinched his car and set it on fire and then only afterwards thought maybe it wasn’t the best thing to do.

Abi realises she needs an alibi so asks Sally, how does Sally react to that?

That actually turned into quite a funny scene, with Abi behaving like a child and Sally playing the mum. Abi’s a bit in denial and tries to soften what she’s done but Sally sees straight through it, she can’t understand why Abi would take such a risk and put herself back. Sally won’t give her the alibi but when she explains it to Kevin, absolutely not asking him to do anything, he mulls it over and takes matters into his own hands. 

How does it make Abi feel, that Kevin would do that for her?

She can’t believe that he would do that for her, she’s really fond of Kevin, before New Year she thought that could have been a relationship but then Ray happened. However she’s reminded again that Kevin’s solid, dependable, he’s a real friend and he’s done more for her than any other man ever has. It definitely starts to change her feelings towards him.

Is she worried about the risk Kevin has taken for her?

At this point she thinks it’s all going to be alright, Kevin’s stepped up for her, she’s looking at him in a new light, she’s not thinking about the ripples and repercussions.

Is Abi interested in a relationship with Kevin?

Yes she was interested before; he’s solid, dependable, he never lets her down and she’s sick of men who get you up the duff and do one in her words. This has absolutely given her food for thought.

And the fact he has a son doesn’t put her off?

No not at all, she adores children, to the point where she gave her two young children up because it was in their best interest. She hates herself for it but she couldn’t trust herself. She adores Jack so that’s not an issue for her at all.

Sally makes it clear that she’s not happy about a possible relationship between Abi and Kevin, how does that make Abi feel?

Sally starts off seemingly concerned, wanting to make sure she’s going out with him for the right reasons and she won’t hurt him but then it turns into ‘trouble follows you around’ and Sally’s almost making out that Ab’s not good enough for him. There are points when Abi feels really judged and let down by Sally, maybe she hasn’t got her back in the way she thought she had.

At the end of the week Ray announces he has some new evidence against Abi, is she worried?

She’s very worried because she knows she’s done it and as much as she suggests he’s bluffing she’s actually panicking big time.

Do you think a relationship between Abi and Kevin could work?

No I don’t think so and that’s why it’s a brilliant storyline because they are so different so there are excellent opportunities to create drama from that but I’m not sure they can have a happily ever after. Abi is chalk to his cheese, she’s younger, she’s unsettled, her motives for wanting to be with him are genuine and true but I don’t think they’re planted in true love. She’s picking someone who’s good to her, she’s trying to better herself and she’s really trying to create a settled life. Kevin ticks that box but she’s also passionate and a bit wild and I don’t think that will disappear just because she starts to get her life together. She’s fiery and Kevin isn’t, he’s much more middle of the road, happy with his lot in life. Abi’s got spark and I’m not sure Kevin will be able to handle that fire.   

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