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Wednesday, 19 February 2020

Preview of tonight's Coronation Street - Weds 19 Feb


CHESNEY TAKES THE MIC When Aled won’t go to sleep the doctor says they will have to reschedule his appointment, meaning Ches and Gemma can get to the Fresco photoshoot. But when Aled starts to cry, Gemma becomes increasingly upset.
JAMES IS COMING OUT Over breakfast, James finally plucks up the courage and tells Ed that he’s gay.  Ed does his best to take the news in his stride but it’s clear he’s struggling and hurt to realise Aggie and Michael already knew. Will he accept this news?
KEVIN IS ABI’S KNIGHT IN SHINING ARMOUR DC Holden calls at the garage again and drags Kevin in for further questioning.
ELSEWHERE Fiz confides in Tyrone that she’s sick of Jade playing the fun sister while she’s just the nagging mother. Tyrone feels for her. Christine calls at No.9 to arrange another visit with Jade. Fiz is quick to quash the idea and lies, making out that they’re off on holiday. Maria admits to Carla that she slept with Ali again, but she deeply regrets it and wants to be with Gary. 


FRESHCO SAY NO Grabbing the mic, Chesney addresses Tara and her team, pointing out that the whole campaign is a sham and the reality of looking after four babies is very different. A furious Tara tells Chesney that he’s completely trashed the brand and she’s terminating their contract with immediate effect. Chesney calls at the kebab shop and begs Dev to give him a job. Will he say yes?
EDISON REVEALS HIS TRUE FEELINGS Ed is convinced that Danny has corrupted James.
ABI’S FACED WITH THE HARD TRUTH Kevin returns to the garage and tries to be upbeat for Abi’s sake. Abi’s touched. In the Rovers, Sally warns Abi to stop leading Kevin a merry dance. Abi takes umbrage and assures Sally that her feelings for Kevin are entirely genuine. Kevin’s chuffed.
ELSEWHERE Fiz, Tyrone and the girls head off on their holiday much to Jade’s fury. Having reached a decision, Maria tells Gary that she’d love to marry him. Gary’s thrilled.
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Anonymous said...

Does Gemma have a brain in her head at all? Why on earth keep fighting with Freshco, they desperately need the money! How are they going to support 5 children on a Kabob Shop paycheque. Seriously, this infurates me.

Anonymous said...

The storyline with Jade is getting ridiculous now,Hope has a family and families go on holidays.Fiz and Tyrone do not need Jade's permission to take their daughters on a trip!

Humpty Dumpty said...

Please let Jade's storyline be over. Tyrone, Fiz and Jade are unbelievably boring. Actually, they are both unbelievable and boring. Let them discover quickly that Jade is a complete fraud and therefore should probably be arrested. I wonder why Fiz has snipped some of Jade's hair and got a DNA test.

C in Canada said...

I have to agree that this storyline has run it's course. It has so many plot holes in it that a lot of it isn't really believable.
If I was Fiz I would have cut Jade out of their lives entirely based on what she tried to pull, and without any verification of who she really is.

Anonymous said...

Humpty - did you say Fizz did snip her hair or why doesn't she snip her hair? Snipping of hair does not work, it has to be pulled out at the root for dna testing. But that is a good question...why have they taken Jade at her word, why not insist on a dna test.

Sharon Boothroyd said...

Why has Tyrone taken Evelyn at her word Why don't they have a DNA test?
I'm getting fed- up the Jade/ Hope plot it - it's run its course. Jade needs to gracefully exit. It's nice to see Kev and Abi together though!


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