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Thursday, 27 February 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review; Weds 26th Feb 7.30 & 8.30 pm

Ray Crosby's 'indecent proposal' proposition to Abi has put Webster's Autos in serious jeopardy. Forgetting that he recently inherited wads of cash (he must have spent it all on purple jackets),  Kevin squirms as Ray continues to turn up the heat and tells him he wants to buy the whole building and the arch behind it. I like Abi a lot but you'd think she'd have learnt from her last prison stint. Does Kev deserve better, or is this the storyline that makes/breaks this growing relationship? I'd have thought Kev would have punched him one by now (Corrie history tells us as much) so I'm perturbed to see him going begging to the posh pervert and trashing Tyrone, once again.

Unlucky with securing any future restaurant work, things are looking bleak for Bethany as the prospect of a life at Underworld offers little excitement (always a sure sign of somebody about to leave the street) and the thought of working with Beth (this Beth / Bethany malarkey is twisting my melon) is enough to discourage anyone. Her only real hope is the college course, and although Daniel offers his support, either way, she doesn't get in. However, the offer of an internship in London could be too good to turn down. Sarah dishes out some meaningful advice (for once) but will it be enough to encourage her daughter to take this unbelievable (it is) offer?

We know where this is heading, so I wonder if you will miss Bethany? I think she's been a fantastic asset and a cracking actress - what are your thoughts?

Meanwhile, Alya also regrets Ray's enthusiastic employment style and asks Yasmeen if she can return to Speed Daal. Will Ray's nefarious and controlling behaviour make her realise that Geoff is just as bad? Later, Geoff’s coercive control becomes a little clearer to Alya when he banishes Yasmeen back to the house.

The battle for No. 1 begins! Ken needs the cash to enjoy his retirement but who is he going to sell to? I can't see Carla residing there, she's more of a Victoria Court kinda gal, so surely Tracy & Steve have the deal sewn up? Peter's push for funds is fruitless and his offer seems to be more of a sentimental land grab than anything else. Arguing like siblings do (I love Peter and Tracy's relationship), I wonder if Adam's sealed bid idea can help?

At the Rovers, Emma's getting confused with trolls, hobbits, and bilbo’s (she reminds me of Raquel behind that bar) whilst Peter warns Daniel from parading Bethany in public.  Back at the flat Bethany struggles to tell Daniel about her London job offer.

Gemma’s motherly self-esteem is at its lowest ebb and news of Aled's deafness seems to quantify her feelings. Chesney did his best to help and the baby sensory yoga session at the community centre is just the tonic, it seems. Mixing with other mums, Gemma realises that her self-perceived foibles are shared by every new parent. Is this the start of a new journey for the quads' mum?

Abi fails at putting the dampeners on Ray's offer and Kevin arranges a meeting with the pervy boss, but both to no avail. I'd have had Kev putting up more of a fight, is this love for her displaced or worth it? With enough on his plate, I think Tyrone could do without this stress and I think he’s right about what Kevin is laying on the line here. Eileen telling Abi about Anna's similar situation reminding the viewers that we've been here before... we have, which reminds me - didn't Anna end up paying the garage off that time when Kev was up to his eyeballs in debt? He has sacrificed FAR TOO MUCH to just give it up for Abi whom he hardly knows? Is this the end of Webster's Autos?

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Anonymous said...

To be honest,I won't miss Bethany who hasn't been featured that much since her grooming storyline and her going after Daniel the moment Sinead died hasn't done her any favors either.
It's not fair that Beth who's grieving and missing her niece is seen as the 'villian' and for Peter to voice his disapproval of Daniel and Bethany rubbing their relationship in Beth's face,that's says it all how wrong it is.
I really hope Daniel doesn't go to London with Bethany.

Anonymous said...

I can picture the following happening, as people seems to think it is okay to be unfair to Tracy...
I think Ken will say Peter is not working, and he needs the break and he is his bio son....
Tracy has her flower shop and Steve...and I think he will GIVE it to Peter.
I think as Carla will not live there....Peter will then offer to sell it to Tracy who will be totally she should be.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I didn't see the first episode so can anyone tell me how Bethany was supposed to afford to live in London while doing her unpaid/low-waged internship? Ken's house: didn't Ken bring all his offspring together a while back and say he was leaving everything equally to them which meant Adam, his grandson, was left out of the major bequests? Presumably, he now needs to change his will. A possible scenario now is that Peter and Tracy buy it jointly, and one or other of them rents their half to another Barlow or a new tenant.

Smiley said...

I think the house should go to Adam and Sarah. The house at the Platts are ridiculously full, and it might be a great way to mark the 'next generation' by uniting the largest families under the famous roof. Also, Peter and Carla would be suit off at Victoria Square, away from the Rovers next door, for Mr Alcoholic. Steve and Tracy has a home already, so there is no need for them to move into the number 1 - Amy will move out in the next few years, and Sarah do have Harry, and possibly a baby with Adam, so a family home suits them well.

Louby said...

Tell us what you want to talk about Anon! Anyway, the above people seem to be conversing about the Ken's house issue.

I just came on to offer my opinion/converse about how dull the Abi/Kev/Ray thing has become already. I can't imagine the garage without Kevin in it and I'm assuming that they will eventually live happily ever after (well until the next traumatic event).


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