Thursday, 13 February 2020

Meet new Corrie character Danny Tomlinson

Actor Dylan Brady will appear in Coronation Street for the first time this Friday night. He will appear in 11 episodes of the show as Danny Tomlinson - an old friend of James Bailey.

And it won't be long before Danny and James are more than just friends. Read our spoiler here.

Dylan said: “I met with casting director Gennie Radcliffe and one of the directors and I did a read through. A week later I was told I’d got the part. It was so exciting, to be a part of a show that’s so ingrained in my childhood. I grew up watching it. I filmed five episodes before Christmas and the rest in the New Year. I was terrified the first time I went to film. I just remember blabbering away to everyone in the green room. I remember Ben Price (who plays Nick Tilsley) telling me I needed to calm down. It was a great experience and everyone made me feel so welcome. I spent most of my time filming with the Bailey family.

“When I think about it going out on Friday I feel a bit sick! My family, who still live in Derby, are so proud. It’s exciting for them because it’s a show that they know so well. The support I’ve had has been overwhelming. My mum is so proud because this is the sort of thing she wanted to do but the opportunities weren’t out there for her. My dad was a little bit more worried about me ‘getting a proper job’ and wanted me to do a degree in English or something, so it’s nice for him to see me doing well in my chosen field."

Find out who else is leaving, joining, returning or taking a break from the show.


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Anonymous said...

Another new character, we have so many characters now that are so underused.

Bobby Dazzler said...

My thoughts exactly...I'm not even invested in the Bailey family at all at the moment, could care less about the terrible cook Aggie, or her lacklustre overacting family. I used to belong to a fan page, but there's no point anymore, the bread and butter characters are rarely used now, and I'm just not that into the new ones. Don't care about the quads....or Daniel and Bethany....or the Baileys...or Alina...want more of Sally and Tim, Mary and Tracy, and where the hell is Dev? I hate how we can go months without seeing certain characters, even though we see their partners regularly...Are Peter and Carla even an item?

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