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Saturday, 15 February 2020

5 Corrie characters missing in action

Lately I've been wondering where a few of my favourite Coronation Street characters have gone. These are the ones that we haven't seen on screen in an age.

Where on earth have they gone?

1. Toyah Battersby

2. Craig Tinker

3. Dev Alahan

4. Simon Barlow

5. Aadi and Asha

I know we say Asha briefly at the start of the 10,000th episode, but where's she been in the meantime? She had such a big storyline with her skin lightening story and then, nothing.
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Sue said...

We have seen Toyah, Dev and Asha very briefly lately but what has happened to Craig? I think he’s had barely a handful of lines in many a month if not a year. I often wonder what Colson Smith must do all day if he has no lines to learn or scenes to film and is he still getting paid for doing nothing?

Sharon Boothroyd said...

We haven't seen Johnny about as much, and Imran either.
Fay's being re - introduced after a long screen absence.
We haven't seen Gail for ages and also Izzy and Jake aren't around.
The main plots mean other characters are pushed to the side for a while, but these actors/ actresses can enjoy a rest I guess!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Craig will come back now that there are four young girls, Emma, Nina, Alina and Faye, with only Seb the Incredible Sulk to choose from.

Anonymous said...

We saw Simon briefly at the hospital when Peter and Ken visited.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps if Toyah and Imram were the parents of the quads instead of Gemma and Chesney,then we would definitely see more of them than we do now as Gemma and Chesney are shoehorned in every episode regardless of the storylines.
As for Craig,I'm also disappointed that we're not seeing more of him as I would've liked to see his reaction to Daniel dating his 'stalker' Bethany only a few months after Craig's cousin Sinead passed away.

sh4161 said...

The problem with todays Coronation Street is, nearly all of the storylines are serious.
Whatever happened to comedy and drama intermingling?
Coronation Street was brilliant for this and it made the programme much more watchable.
Perhaps todays scriptwriters need to watch the old classics, to get an idea of how to make a great programme!

Unknown said...

Forget Coronation Street what the hell has happened to bear on Emmerdale :D

Jennifer said...

Coronation Street is not the same as it used to be when it was more comical. It is too much like the American Soaps now and I heard there is an American writer.
They need to bring back the humor in the show and spread out the serious storylines. One serious one after another is depressing and some storylines feel like they either go on for way too long or stories are repeated using different characters.
It needs more life to it again.

Unknown said...

I've watched Corrie since 1969 and tbh I couldn't agree more, we love a good gritty storyline but I agree they go on for far too long. Characters dip in and out of story's but there's little explanation as to where they've gone or what they're doing. Also yes they need to find the old comedy format though to be fair Gemma and Chesney are s good sub for Jack and Vera. The writers are American? that may explain the lack of humour, Americans don't get British humour because they don't have a class divide and are only used to canned laughter which I cannot stand so avoid American sitcoms for that reason. I also agree they need to watch old episodes from the 70's.

Unknown said...

I have been watching classic Coronation street and no am loving it. Much better than today's Coronation street

Unknown said...

Oops and l am loving it (not no)

Elvina Hatchett said...

I have been seeing to much real life story's where the likes of Corry used to be funny not real life but very entertaining+looked forward to watching but now it's to depressing sad+don't bother watching anymore as it's the same story line as bartenders there both the exact same story's, life is bad enough+don't need reminding what it's all about 24/7 bring back soaps like the good old days

Unknown said...

Corrie is boring nowadays much prefer what they show on itv3 . More comedy than silly storylines needed

Unknown said...

Bring back the humour please!

Anonymous said...

The weird thing is the dropping of the Asha and Dev story of the single father dealing with his beautiful daughter bleaching her skin. I think this is a lot more interesting than some of the things Corrie is pursuing.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 15:05 OMG You hit on a great idea there. Toyah had gone through so many fertility drugs, the quad story would have been more believable and I would love to see these two handle that situation instead of Gemma and Chutney. Wow. Missed opportunity writers. I could have gotten on board with that change in the story.

Anonymous said...

Good idea about Toyah giving birth to the quads instead of Gemma. That situation would be ripe for comedy with her trying to cope with 4 babies while still keeping her "earth mother" ideals: cotton diapers, making her own baby food, etc!


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