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Saturday, 15 February 2020

Coronation Street weekly update – February 15 2020

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This week saw the return of Alina Pop to Coronation Street. Her return fair puts a flutter in young Seb’s heart but upsets Emma as she wonders if she’s the right girl for Seb, or if Alina still holds a place in his heart. Emma, lovely as always, prepares a welcome hamper of food for Alina after inviting her to move into the flat with her, Seb and Bethany. It can only end in tears. Alina gets a job at Underworld, beating Eileen for the post of tele sales operator in the new swish palace of pants.

Over at Roy’s Rolls, Roy and Nina bond and she offers him some advice on using more environmentally sound cleaning solutions than the ones he’s currently using. It’s lovely stuff, seeing these two together and can only be a matter of time before Nina and Carla are running Underworld together designing everything their customers could possibly want, as long as they want it in black.

Elsewhere, Bethany, Alya and Abi gang up against Ray when they discover what a sex pest he is. Abi tries to bring Ray down at the Valentine’s charity ball he arranges this week, but he yanks her into the kitchen for a dressing down. In return, Abi steals his precious car and torches it.

Bethany and Daniel get closer this week, snogging in public and declaring their love for one another. Beth isn’t best pleased, as you’d expect and I’m on Beth’s side here. Bethany’s on Daniel like one of those annoying flies you get on holiday when you’re trying to relax by the pool and it keeps landing on your toe.

David struggles to cope with the kids, with visiting Shona, with tiredness and with everything that life chucks at him this week and sadly he crashes his car. No-one’s hurt but the car’s written off and David spends the rest of the week moaning constantly about how difficult it is to get from Manchester to Leeds without a car. Oh, if only there was a direct train between the two cities that took just over an hour.  Maria offers David her car but while at the hospital after “struggling” with trains and buses – David, man up and stop being a wuss about the bus! – the nurse tells him that Shona has asked not to see him again while she recovers. David’s downcast but accepts Shona’s words.

At Fiz and Tyrone’s house, Evelyn tells the pair of them they need their heads looking at (they do) for even thinking of allowing little Hope to see Jade again. But Jade’s back in their lives and Tyrone spends the evening at the cinema with Jade and Hope. 

As for King Ken of the cobbles? After his momentous decision to leave the street and move into a retirement community with Claudia, he breaks the news to Tracy and Peter that he’s moving out of and selling No. 1. 

And finally this week, Maria’s convinced that Gary’s up to no good with his loan sharking business after she spies him giving an wad of cash in an envelope to Ryan. She’s distraught, the poor girl, and finds herself seeking comfort in the barber shop with Dr Ali and they have a bit of rumpeh pumpeh in Trim up North. Meanwhile, back at Gary’s flat, he’s got a romantic dinner prepared and an engagement ring ready to pop the question to Maria. That’s what the money in the envelope was for, but Maria doesn’t know that. So when she returns to Gary after shagging Dr Ali and finds out that Gary was about to propose, she’s got it all wrong, once again.

And that’s just about that for this week.

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splunge999 said...

How disgusting is Maria having sex already? It's irresponsible for this show! She just had a miscarriage! Any woman knows that after a birth or miscarriage you can't have sex for 8 weeks. I'm really disgusted by this.

Llywela said...

I've seen a lot of people criticising David for moaning about having to go back and fore to Leeds, but an hour there and another hour back, plus the time spent actually on the ward visiting, is a huge time commitment when you are also holding down a job and raising two young children. And I doubt the train drops off at the hospital, so there are more transport logistics there. Trying to juggle visiting hours, train timetables, bus timetables, school run and work sounds like a logistical nightmare to me. I'd be exhausted too.

Anonymous said...

I said it before and I'll say it again. Does David not have car insurance - if he did it would pay him to purchase another car. No, I don't work for an insurance company it just common sense!

coconno196 said...

David did ring his insurance company and seemed confident he'd get a pay-off, but there has been no mention since. He had wondered if he'd remembered to renew the insurance, but found that he had. Does anyone really forget to renew? Surely all companies send out reminders?

Anonymous said...

The fact that the car was totaled with such a low speed and low impact was sloppy writing I think.


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