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Monday, 17 February 2020

James Burrows leaving Coronation Street

ITV has confirmed today that James Burrows, who plays Ali Neeson in Coronation Street, is leaving the show.

The actor has already filmed his last scenes which are set to air next month.

Mr Curry Sauce told the Sun: "Ali’s been one of the most popular characters on the cobbles (me: say what?) but the time has come for him to leave. He’s at war with murderer Gary Windass over ex  Maria Connor and the pair will be involved in a brutal showdown on the cobbles soon. Viewers will be worried Gary will claim his third victim."

A spokesperson for Coronation Street has confirmed that James is soon to leave the show behind but refused to share any details of his final scenes.

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Anonymous said...

I won’t miss him. He was getting as boring as Jude was. He looked as if he wasn’t even trying with his performance.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say but glad to see him go. He came in a leaving a drug addict with a murder on his conscience. And his dalliance with Maria was laughable. So is anyone keeping score for Maria? Ryan and Johnny will no doubt be added to her Connor men list if Corrie keeps going. lol

SimoneJenifer said...

Gary is not a murderer, he's still a good kid! I truly hope that he does not "claim a 3rd victim".

Also...Bye Felicia!

Anonymous said...

Until I see Geoff, Gemma, Fiz and Hope on the leaving list, I will not be watching Corrie! Sorry!

Newfy Pearl said...

Simone Jennifer I agree and I think we are in the minority. I like Gary. He is troubled and gets into things he shouldn't, but as you say he is not a murderer.

Unknown said...

And Brian/Cathy

Anonymous said...

Newfy Pearl & Simone Jennifer: how can you say that Gary is not a murderer??? Do you not remember he killed and buried Rick in the woods?

Newfy Pearl said...

Anon 20:22 This is how I say Gary is not a murderer...maybe Jennifer can weigh in on this as well.
Gary sabotaged the roof of Underworld. He did not know the extent of what would happen, it resulted in the death of Rana. This technically would be manslaughter.
Gary killed Rick in an act of self defense. Not only did Rick try to kill him he made it clear he would go after Sarah and others as well.
Funny how no one mentions Ali killing that guy in the car.... That was closer to murder in that Ali had time to make the following decision....tell the police. That guy was in no way an immediate danger to anyone as he was pinned in a car wreck. Ali could have told the police of the threats and things could have been different. Instead he took the law into his own hands.
So that is how I can say that Gary is not a murderer.

popcorn said...

I really like Ali, and will be very sorry to see him go. Whenever there is a character with some aspirations - Ali, Paula - Corrie gets rid. Why do they do that????

Anonymous said...

Toyah is a counsellor yet we at one point she was behind thebar of the rovers. Aggi is a nurse yet she works badly at Roys. Daniel is a scholar yet works as a waiter. Carla an experienced business woman not working st all.


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