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Sunday, 2 February 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 31 January 2020

First question of the night whom should we blame for Maria losing her baby?  Apparently Dot Sutherland failed to get either her or Kirk vaccinated.  Maria herself for holding baby Bertie?  Of course if you are Gary Windass the obvious answer is Daniel Osbourne who did not get Bertie vaccinated and allowed Maria to hold the baby at her request.  And if you are Gary then the only thing you can do in such circumstances is to beat the living daylights out of Daniel.  The best bit was Adam giving Gary a warning to leave Daniel alone (above).

Abi's eye-popping super surprised face above when Sally tells her that Tim is a botanist bigamist does not fool the latter for one second.  She and Abi catch up with Tim and Charlie in the Rovers and in front of everyone else Charlie says hallo to Tim's "sister".  Sally explains she is actually Tim's wife and Charlie finally grasps that Tim really does want a divorce.  She departs for her new job as a trolley dolly and on the phone later agrees to sign the divorce papers.  On Twitter Sally Ann Matthews (Jenny Connor) said:

After some goading Tim finally faced his responsibilities and the police confessing to his sins and although Sally was prepared to accept his apology it turns out that the former Mayor of Weatherfield is all over the internet.  And as she says herself it is there for evermore - you cannot wrap fish and chips in the interwebby netty thingy.

Geoff is triply upset by Yasmeen, first she downs tools to talk to Alya which is always a no no, then believing she is an alcoholic she goes off with Peter to an AA meeting and finally she suggests that Geoff's magical abilities are a little rusty.  Three strikes and he turns pretty nasty forcing her to drink a bottle of wine when they get home after she announces is not really an alcoholic compared to the stories she had heard earlier.  Feeling unwell she staggers off to bed and Geoff can tell Peter that the little outing to AA had started her drinking again so it was not really a good idea was it?

Michael Bailey meets his baby mother for the first time in ages - and he promises to arrange a party for the baby's first birthday which was last week.  Come on Corrie you can do better than this - over a month since these characters last appeared in the run up to the shooting.  If you don't care about them how can we?  Geoff is hired to do magic tricks at a first birthday party - making himself vanish would benefit us all.

In a clever piece of programme making (above) we all think we are Daniel Osbourne looking at Sinead's face when it is Bethany wearing Sinead's old dressing gown.  Bertie is getting better than you for asking and the fake rainstorm (which was so fake - the lighting on the Street just did not match a Manchester downpour, emphasised by the way the water was dribbling off the cover used to protect cameras was so distracting) gives Bethany a soaking so she has no clothes to wear - can't she run across the Street to her flat above the hairdresser or even pop in their to use a dryer (Abi does to dry her bra - she burnt out Sally's) on her clothes?  Even Sarah thinks there might be something going on between Bethany and Daniel but Adam says they are just good friends, so why does Daniel ask Bethany to stay and hold him?

Chesney says he will do a sole session with the quads so that Gemma can go out for a drink with Emma and she comes back in a frisky mood - after all three of the four quads came out through the sunroof and the chassis is in full working order. 

Finally the Hunt genes are in good working order.  To improve their marriage Tracy and Steve have had their arms twisted by Claudia to join Ken's book club (not mentioned since Mel Hutchinson in 2005) which needs new members.  Steve is watching the film as he wants to check how closely the book (published 1996) followed the film (from 2004) when he gets around to reading it.  Tracy meanwhile has adopted a very modern image and spectacles in a new modern "large" frame size (above)!  The alternative was dinner at Speed Dahl.  Tracy tells Steve that if he does not do this properly she will be doing Yogalates with Liz!

First episode up tonight was from John Kerr and it was well done with the best bits of Sal / Abi and then Tim in the Rovers revealing to those who did not already know about the bigamy.  Second episode was the first from the pen of Emily Gascoyne who has been on the writing team for a few months and she has been round quite a few of the soaps.  Her first effort ran on from Mr Kerr's and also gave us some great lines.  She really hit the ground running I felt - so congratulations to both of them tonight.

I am heading off for a little winter sun so will be away for a while and Ms Kelstar will be here for a few weeks on Fridays in my place.  In particular she gets the mega episode 10,000 this time next week - I anticipate a real roller coaster of emotions as the ashes of a well known Street resident are scattered in Blackpool.

Written by John Kerr & Emily Gascoyne, directed by Pip Short.


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Anonymous said...

It's too bad that Adam didn't have Gary arrested for assualt.
Although I feel sorry for Maria in a way the miscarriage is a comeuppance of sorts for Gary as Ithink if he didn't dare Derek to shoot the antique gun to see if it work by killing Ali,Robert would still be alive and had a chance to meet his newborn son.
Bethany needs counselling fast as her obsession [not love]for Daniel is becoming creepy,very creepy.

Newfy Pearl said...

I felt so badly for Daniel. He really annoys me how he keeps pushing his family away when they are only trying to help...but Bethany is not helping. She knows it is causing difficulties yet she continues on....and that scene where he was holding her and obviously longing for Sinead...absolutely heartbreaking.

dhvinyl said...

Surely the writers could have come up with a more convincing way of getting Bethany into Sinead’s dressing gown that to create a downpour on a lovely sunny day! And is anyone else fast forwarding every scene with The ghastly Geoff? We get what he’s up to, if not why, so can he please turn up in Blackpool and get run over by a tram ?!

C in Canada said...


Yes I cannot stand Geoff and his manipulation! I wish the writers would stop dragging this story out. Had enough already.

dhvinyl said...

Geoff - worst yet tonight. END THIS STORYLINE NOW!! It makes me feel quite sick.

Unknown said...

I do!I fast forward! I get this happens as I've been in a similar situation but enough now! Corrie wrap this Geoff storyline up before we all start turning of!


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