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Saturday, 22 February 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review Friday 21 February

Greetings Corrie fans, it’s Kelly here with your Friday night review.

Trying to juggle too many plates, Chesney sets off to drop Joseph at football club before taking Gemma and baby Aled to hospital for the latter’s hearing test. Rushing and stressed he leaves Joseph outside to make his own way in, but later finds out that football club isn’t on. He dashes back and after some frantic searching finds his eldest sitting glumly on a bench having been mugged for his trainers. No one thinks to call the police over the mugging incident or even counsel the probably traumatised youngster, who is promptly dumped back at No. 5 to be looked after by Cathy. I won’t be at all surprised if, in later life, Joseph develops some terrible personality defects like voting Tory or putting the milk into his tea first. That’s if he manages to survive his childhood without being eaten by wolves while his parents go “We’ve definitely lost something…wait…wait…it’ll come to me…oh my phone, it’s ok found it”

Meanwhile over in the café, Maria and the Ginger Gangster are announcing their engagement to a less than enthusiastic crowd. As Izzy and Sarah snipe at the couple Ali and Ryan walk in. Dr Terriblehair shakes Gary’s hand in fake congratulations before sloping off to drink cheap lager and look sulky. Whatever happened to the dashing young medic whose quick thinking saved Jack and Hope’s lives? In fact, is he even a doctor anymore? And where are him and Ryan living these days? Since neither of them seem to do much work I can’t see how they’d afford the rent on Robert’s old flat. Anyway, I digress. Stalking Maria to the barbers Ali begs her for one more chance telling her that he’s the one she really loves. Wait while I just add ‘mansplaining’ to my list of his faults. When that doesn’t work, he goes around to the antique shop to confront Gary and is only stopped by Maria making up an unconvincing story about him being worried about her going back to work too soon. Unsurprisingly this seems to be the final straw for Maria who tells him to stay out of her life and get his flipping hair cut (oh no wait that was me).

In other news Aggie defends Ed’s actions to James, and Ed apologises to Danny explaining that he’s worried about the prejudice James might suffer for being a black and gay footballer. Also, Sarah manages to invite the entire factory (including Beth) to her and Adam’s wedding. Because of course you would want to spend the happiest day of your life with someone who hates your only daughter.

Over at No. 8 Leanne is throwing a party for Oliver’s birthday. No idea why she would pick the Platt house when she has a perfectly nice and tidy flat of her own? The smallest of Steve’s army of children doesn’t seem to be particularly enthused by the party as he sleeps through most of, it only rousing himself to cough all over his birthday cake (err I’ll stick to the cheeseboard please). But no matter as at least we got to see Toyah again. Now we just need to free Craig from whatever windowless room he’s been locked in for the last three months!

Back at the hospital Chesney and Gemma receive the devastating news that Aled is deaf in both ears and has been since birth. Gemma takes it badly and blames herself but Chesney tells her that they’ll face the challenges together. Unconvinced, Gemma calls Tara to beg to be allowed back, but is told in no uncertain terms that she and Chesney have burnt all their Fresco bridges.

Finally, the Street’s newest couple Abi and Kev face yet more upset. Their day starts off well with Abi making her beau a full English breakfast. Long-term viewers of the show will all agree that this is most definitely the way to his heart. Practically the only lines him and Sally spoke to each other throughout the Eighties were: “Pie and chips?” “Thanks Sal”. It starts to go downhill when Sally reminds Abi that Kevin could be guilty of perverting the course of justice and this is overheard by Jack who becomes convinced his dad is going to go to prison. Abi storms round to the factory to confront Sally, who tells her that she fears her life is too chaotic for Jack and Kevin. Later Sally apologises and the two lovers seem back on track. But as they snog outside the Rovers sleazy Ray appears and tells them his brief has found some new evidence. “You make a nice couple” he sneers, “such a shame it all has to come to end”

And that’s all till next week folks. Let me know what you thought of this episode in the comments or catch me on twitter @mskelstar. I’m off next week but the lovely Kosmo will be here to entertain you. Byee….

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popcorn said...

I think this is your best review ever - congrats!

Kelly said...

Thanks popcorn 😁

Anonymous said...

That has to be the worst "kid's" party of all time. What were the writers thinking. I bet the little Corrie actors would love a chance to film a party....Hope, Ruby, Joseph, and Izzy's kid who we never see anymore....Oh my. Sad and annoying in equal measure.

dhvinyl said...

Brilliant as always, Kelly. So many children in the Street now, I lose total track of who they belong to, especially as they look quite different every time they appear. Kevin’s lad seems to be doing remarkably well with only one leg, and, just as a matter of curiosity, how many unsuspecting babies are being the quads? There must be at least a dozen corralled on the back lot to ensure there’s four quiet ones for filming !Thankfully, the hairy doctor is being written out - Jonathan and his team have obviously run out of ideas. And as for the finances.....the air in Weatherfield must be very sustaining as that’s all most of them have to live on it !

Anonymous said...

'Devastating' - it is very audism terminology to describe people like us; however, I am very glad that Corrie is taking this storyline, and hopefully people will realised that we are very happy as who we are. :)

CK said...

Ali's hair is so awful! I burst out laughing last week when he walked into scene with it parted down the middle and all floofy on the sides, like a bad highschool picture

Anonymous said...

Jeanie (anon):

Yeah, I've been so perplexed by Ali's makeover. He used to be so attractive, now he just looks weird--is it Burrows himself, or has someone deliberately chosen to style the character like this? Not just the lank, stringy hair but that hideous sweater he is always wearing with the little red and white trim at the sleeves and collar. Looks like something a preppy middle schooler would wear, not a doctor. He's starting to make me think of David Platt as a teenager, when he was moping around after Tracy.

Anonymous said...

Gemma is dong my head in! When I first read about the deaf story-line, I was actually excited at the prospect of having a family that signs on the street. Maybe, I am completely ignorant of the multitudes of responses parents can have to this unexpected news, but Gemma seems to be going way overboard.

When Ches held Aled and comforted him in the nursery(yesterday's episode), while Gemma watched, I felt like she might have some slight understanding that the vibrations their kiddo feels as daddy-Chesney speaks to him is just as comforting as the actual words...but she missed the boat on that one, too. I'm SO happy that Chesney is taking a rational approach...she will come around eventually.


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