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Monday, 17 February 2020

Coronation Street Episode Review Monday 17th February

Ray's back and he's full of misogynistic insults towards Abi. He threatens her with the police and she asks Sally to do her a favour, which isn't about money ("We're not poor, but we can't lend you anything"), but to give her an alibi. Sally is unkeen on this but gets Posh Paula to attend a police interview with Abi, who decides that no comment is the safest option to say to everything. The police (and Paula) are circumspect until someone (guess who!) turns up to give her an alibi (and more!). Sally chews her ex-husband out and then tells Abi that Jack could end up in a children's home if the police bust the alibi. Abi and Kev nonetheless meet for their date and he tells her how great she is and they go for a takeaway (and more!) back at his. It's the Fire Warrior aftershave isn't it? Unforch the long awaited, erm, shenanigans, have to wait some more as the cops re-emerge and give Kev a CCTV pic of his car at the time of the fire-bombing. He lies and says they were both on their way to Castlefield. Kev will do anything for love, and he'll also do that (perjury).

Meanwhile, chez Bailey, the closet is still full as James still hasn't come out to Papa B. Danny tries to borrow Ed's keys for the Bistro, which aren't in the kitchen, but James is, although they're both soon in the boudoir. Coincidentally, Ed then comes home, but they manage to talk their way out of it. Danny tells James he can't lie to his pal, and James promises to come out to his dad.

It's back to the quads (oh, another 18 years of this! 18 years of casting 4 children who look vaguely the same! Unless two of them are always upstairs streaming their MP3s). The oddly accented Tara (seriously, is she trying to imitate Jane Horrocks?) comes around to prep Gesney on the upcoming photo-shoot. The launch clashes with Aled's hearing test at the hospital, which Tara says they can't reschedule. No photo shoot, no moolah. I guess Aled won't be walking in the air anytime soon.

Maria hasn't given Gary an answer re: the most awks proposal of recent times. Ali also isn't sure that it's what Maria wants either, so he goes around to see her whilst Gary is away in Birmingham. Maria tells him to sling his hook. It's the hair, isn't it?

Jade wants to take Hope to a "Milk and Play" (?) craft session at the community centre. I'm glad that Jamila House is back to being used for its intended purpose. Fiz decides to go as well and take Ruby with her but is miffed when Hope chooses to "work" with Jade rather than her mum, and then leaves her out of a family drawing. To be honest, apart from being a psychopath, who wouldn't prefer Jade, who doesn't spend her whole time shrieking, to Fiz? Also, you'd've thought Fiz'd welcome the babysitting of the devil child, especially considering Gary asks Ryan to watch the shop rather than his actual employee.

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Anonymous said...

Weird thing with this Gemma and the doctor appointment is that she said nothing when the Freshco woman was there, but she kept mouthing off about it afterwards. How does she think she can raise 4 of those kids without the Freshco money???


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