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Saturday, 1 February 2020

Conversation Street Podcast Episode 402

This week on the podcast, we talk about the episodes of Corrie broadcast in the UK between the 27th and the 31st January.

It doesn't happen all too often, but we do quite like it when storylines cross over in unexpected ways, and we did think that linking the story of Daniel not getting Bertie vaccinated with Maria's miscarriage really was quite clever on Wednesday. On the whole, though, we weren't too impressed by this week's offerings from Corrie, and if, like us, you don't find baby stories particularly riveting, you may not have found a whole lot to like!

And once Street Talk is over, the Kev the Crank-worthy rants and bants just keep on coming, as the middle section this week is the triumphant return of the Joni Awards! Now in its third year, the Jonis are a tongue-in-cheek opportunity for us to let off steam and have a good old moan about the past year's Corrie, be it improbable jumps in logic, Weatherfield residents who seemingly have a personality transplant, or the over-use of certain characters over the 12 month period. And we think you know which particular character we're referring to there...

Next up on the podcast, we report back on Corrie's impressive result at the National Television Awards before reading out a bit of listener feedback. We finish off the bumper length show with a chat about next week's landmark 10,000th episode, sharing our initial reactions to what has been revealed so far and giving our predictions based on the delightfully intriguing synopsis.

Street Talk - 00:09:30
The Joni Awards 2019 - 02:07:09
The Kabin - 03:37:56
Feedback - 04:03:39
Kabin Extra - 04:16:28

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