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Saturday, 7 May 2016

Callum's body and Carla's wedding - another Corrie big week revealed

Details have been released by ITV of Coronation Street's annual "big week".  This year it'll be Carla's wedding and leaving storyline along with Callum's body that will take centre stage on the show.

From the official ITV Corrie website:

Carla is heading towards her wedding to Nick, while desperately trying to stop Tracy from spilling the beans about her ill-judged one night stand with Robert.

And over at number 8 the Platt family are still hiding the grisly secret of Callum's body being buried under the floor of Gail’s granny flat. Now their past actions look set to catch up with them all as Callum’s corpse is finally unearthed and Tracy does her best to ruin Carla’s dream wedding.

The unmissable episodes will run over five days but will cover a dramatic 24-hour period in the lives of Weatherfield’s residents.

The week starts with the whole street preparing for the wedding of Nick and Carla which in true soap style is packed with shocks and surprises. The stakes could not be higher for Carla. As the day of the wedding draws closer Johnny is determined to ensure that Tracy will not destroy his daughter’s big day but when he discovers that her sabotage has already started he is forced to resort to desperate measures to keep her away from the ceremony.

As he argues with Tracy in the factory he seizes the opportunity and locks her in the store cupboard. Has Johnny done enough to stop Tracy revealing all about Carla and Robert? Will Carla make it down the aisle to become Mrs Tilsley? Will Nick’s brain injury halt the proceedings?

With Alison King about to leave the cobbles, is Carla driving off happily into the sunset with Tracy glad to see the back of her, or does her arch nemesis have other plans?

As if the drama of the wedding is not enough for one week, things take a sinister turn over at the Platts when a dramatic sequence of events leads to the discovery of a body at number 8. As the police knock on the door is this finally the end of the road for Sarah, Kylie and David?

Yesterday, paparazzi pictures were posted showing the filming of Callum's funeral. Read more on that here.

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Tvor said...

And for the schedule, One episode each from Sunday to Thursday.

Anonymous said...

Remembering how she used Kylie's phone to text Callum to lure him to the house,I have a feeling that Sarah will set up Kylie and David for Callum's death by telling the police his 'murder' was 'pre-mediated'.Upon her return,Sarah was bent on causing trouble for David and now sadly she'll get her chance.

Joseph said...

Normally I hate these 'big weeks' (they're so not Corrie) but this time the drama actually seems to call for it. Not been watching recently but think I'll tune in for this.

Anonymous said...

Sad that Tracy isn't as dead as Callum, and only a specter of death hanging over Nick and Carla, rather than a two-dimensional backdrop.

Bifrost Group said...

Pretty sure the dead Tony will be the one who takes the rap for killing Callum. Never thought they'd send Kylie down for it and now that Tony's dead he makes a very convenient and believable scapegoat. jeanie

Louby said...

Bifrost Group, I agree with you, I always thought that the car burning would lead to something else.
It sounds like a very dramatic week, but I could really do without any more Carla/Robert/Tracy stuff. I mistakenly thought that was over.

Jo said...

I seriously think Kylie has feelings for Freddie and will disappear somewhere with him.


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