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Thursday, 2 April 2015

State of the Street - March 2015

March has gone out like a lion, with the return of Sarah hot on the stilettos of her wayward daughter. I say the apple doesn't fall far from the tree but at least Bethany has got to 14 without giving birth. Unlike another young teen on the street in a storyline I'm quite enjoying. I think they've done a smashing job with Faye's pregnancy, something I was a bit dubious about at first. The diamond in that storyline has to be Craig Tinker and I think we all agree with that.

I think there's been a lot of good stuff over the last month and I've quite enjoyed Corrie on the whole. Tracy leading Tony around is at least interesting. Linda came and fetched Katy and I can't say I'm sorry she's gone. The storyline that had Mrs. Armstrong return for her chicks wasn't all that great but the end result worked for me! The other result was it widened the crack that Owen and Anna had papered over several times over the years.

I am a bit bored with the whole Callum/David storyline, but really enjoying the ongoing Gavin and Andy thing with Michael. Gavin's death is having long standing repercussions as more and more lies are woven.

You can read more over on State of the Street here.

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Stephen Feldman said...

I just hope that come awards season, Colson Smith is given due props for his outstanding performance as Craig over many of the other 'actors' on the street.

Frosty the Snowman said...

Funnily enough the Faye giving birth storyline is quite riviting although she seemed to know how to breath having never attended any anti natal classes. She is so far out the front though that it is stretching credibilty that absolutely nobody has noticed!

Dont like them making Gail more and more deranged - the scene at Gavin's graveside was cringeworthy and the ludicrous Callum hanging around like a bad smell - convenently being at the spot in town yesterday when Miss Roll Eyes was shop lifting was just silly as is 8 people living in the Platts house while Audrey who lives alone in a big semi makes excuses about a boiler on the blink!

Tvor said...

Craig probably looked up breathing during labour on the internet!

Humpty Dumpty said...

OK, it's possible that Anna has just not noticed what's happened right under her nose. That's the same thing as Steve's depression not being recognised by the family. However, Faye hasn't bunked off school that much, although she might be missing PE lesson to avoid the changing rooms, but any school I've worked in would have written home by now with their concerns. Faye has a form tutor who would surely have noticed the girl's growing size. Some pregnancies don't show but this one does - even with the baggy jumpers. The unbelievable part of Faye's story is the lack of school involvement even if they didn't get to the root of it all. I can imagine a good scene where Anna flies off the handle with a teacher or maybe a letter comes home from school and Faye bins it.

Anonymous said...

It's baffling how all of Faye's clothes still apparently fit her; even if she wore stretchy leggings or whatever at home, her school uniform surely wouldn't fit, and she's not a very big or tall girl to begin with.

Anonymous said...

Has anyone writing for this show ever given birth? The first thing that happens is your water breaks, then maybe 8-12 hours later, labour starts. Maybe. During my entire pregnancy, I gained 20 pounds, still wore most of my old dresses, and I was 38. For a 12-13 year old girl, it would be hard to tell the difference between weight gained in puberty or pregnancy.

Anonymous said...

Not necessarily Anon 22:16, with my second child my waters didn't break before I went into labour. They had to be manually snipped with scissors.

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