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Friday, 6 September 2013

Corrie A-Z: R is for the Rovers Return (Part 3)

With thanks to Corriepedia for all the info on the history of the Rovers. Having looked at the Rovers between 1902 and 1984 on Wednesday, 1985 to 2000 yesterday, today we look at the period from 2000 to the present day.
Fred Elliott with Duggie Ferguson, Mike Baldwin and Eve Elliott 2000-2006
While the three held equal shares, it was Duggie who ran the pub – Fred had his butcher’s shop and Mike had his factory. Duggie soon grew tired of the arrangement and tried to trick them into selling their shares – ultimately selling their shares to him. He ran the pub until the end of 2001 when Fred bought the pub back, with new wife Eve taking over the licence. But in 2002 it was revealed that Eve was a bigamist and she had no legal right over the pub. Needing someone to man the Rovers while he concentrated on the butcher shop, he appointed Annie Walker-esque manageress Lillian Spencer. But she proved to be a bad choice as she didn’t get on with the regulars or the staff and even sacked Jack for being too old to be a potman. Lillian soon left when a better job offer came up and Fred appointed barmaid Shelley Unwin in her place. Shelley’s time behind the bar saw many dramas: she married bigamist Peter Barlow and was manipulated and bullied by her fiancĂ© Charlie Stubbs. He even caused her to develop agoraphobia, where she was confined to her bedroom for weeks on end. Shelley left the street in 2006. Bev and Fred soon fell in love and planned to marry and move away but Fred died on their wedding day. Prior to his death, Fred had made a deal that Steve McDonald would get the pub. Fred’s son Ashley honoured that deal.
Steve and Liz McDonald 2006-2011
Liz McDonald had been a Rovers barmaid on and off since 1990 and had previously applied to become Rovers owner in 1995 and was chuffed to bits when she finally became licensee, with son Steve being the owner – balancing his time between the Rovers and his cab firm ‘Street Cars’. The McDonalds had their fair share of dramas during their time at the Rovers: Steve’s relationship with Michelle Connor; Liz marrying Vernon Tomlin; Steve having an affair with his later wife Becky Granger and Becky suffering miscarriages and buying her nephew Max from sister Kylie. Liz was absent from the street for about six months and returned in early 2011. Seeing that Steve and Becky were in financial difficulties, Liz saw this as a chance to buy the pub. She was with ex-husband Jim at this point and he went to drastic measures to try and buy the pub – robbing a bank! Jim was arrested and jailed. Liz decided it was time she left the street and left again. Following Liz’s departure, as he wasn’t legally allowed to own the pub, Steve advertised for a manager. That new manager became Stella Price – St. Ella of Weatherfield! An almost penniless Steve then decided to sell the pub to Stella.
Stella Price with Gloria Price 2011-
Stella moved in with partner Karl and daughter Eva and her motive for moving into the Rovers became clear soon after. She had come to find her daughter Leanne, who she’d abandoned when she was a baby. Over the months, Leanne grew to accept Stella as her mum. Since she took the Rovers, Stella’s been involved in many storylines (which sometimes don’t even involve her!!!) like being hit by Carla Connor’s car, Karl’s gambling addiction and discovering Karl’s affair with best friend Sunita Alahan.
In 2013, the Rovers went on fire for the second time. It was Karl who started the fire deliberately in a bid to quash Stella’s relationship with builder Jason Grimshaw, who’d fixed the pub’s electrics earlier in the day. The blame for the fire would then fall on Jason. But things went horribly wrong: he was confronted by Sunita and threw down the cellar steps; and then found out Stella was inside. Karl went to save her and he was deemed a hero. Sadly, Sunita died as did firefighter Toni Griffiths. The Rovers was refurbished again and re-opened in May. Stella had been in financial difficulties due to the fire, and at one time couldn’t pay to get the pub rebuilt. But her mother Gloria gave her some money to cover the costs and so Gloria is now a partner in the business.
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abbyk said...

R has been my favorite letter so far. Thanks for a great history lesson, Llifon.

Looking at the years laid out, it's easy to see just how many of the pub related stories from the time of Charlie Stubbs through Stella were OTT. It was a reflection of the state of the Street. Here's to the return of Character Driven Stories!!!

Newfy Pearl said...

I am looking forward to the McDonald's in the Rovers again. Yay!!!!!


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