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Tuesday 24 September 2013

Silver linings in Weatherfield

Let joy be unconfined at the news that Daddy Connor is wending his way back to the fair cobbles of Weatherfield. Could it be that this time, Barry Connor, daddy of eye-rolling Michelle and grand-daddy of little Lee-yum, is staying for a while?

Since the halcyon days of rum-toting Albert Tatlock, the Street has not been particularly well-served by the later middle-aged gentleman. Dennis Tanner comfortably fits into this category but he's still got a fun-filled slightly juvenile approach to life. For a while we had Bill Webster, a builder of the old school who sported ink dating back to the days when it was less of a fashion statement. However, Bill's appearances are sporadic at best and he now seems to have been shunted off to Germany in an unsatisfactory plot device. Did Auntie Pam go with him or is she still shuffling around Tile Street with a basket of withered ham baps?

The post-Tatlock years have not really been all that fruitful for the silver senior brigade. Chalkie Whiteley, who always looked  a bit grubby, came and went in a relatively short space of time. Of course there was that other old soldier, Percy Sugden. He arrived as a fairly jovial bloke but over a decade managed to just become annoying. Cooking under fire, being rude to poor old Phyllis, interfering in Mrs Bishop's (never Emily, note) life - on it went. It took the arrival of the Battersby clan to finally move him from his comfortable berth.

Percy's only real aged comrade at the time was his rival for Phyllis' affections, Sam Tindall. Sam was a curiously camp old man who seemed to bark out every line whilst clutching his little dog. He made numerous appearances between 1985 and 1989 but never really gelled. Neither did Hilda Ogden's would-be suitor, Tom Hopwood. Tom was Sally Webster's nattily dressed uncle (who she conveniently forgot about) who doffed his trilby in Hilda's direction and escorted her to various dances. Another low-impact oldie who was quickly dispensed with.

In more recent times, we've had to contend with the mega-dull Keith Appleyard. Who? Exactly. He was Angela Harris' slightly dreary dad. Mind you, given the rest of the family, his normality was originally quite refreshing. Tight-fisted Keith dallied with the fragrant Audrey for a while but old Aud expects a certain standard in life. Curmudgeonly Keith fell well short.

The there was Wilf Morton. Where to start. He came, he bantered with Blanche, he left. With his scary teeth and a dodgy past, we were left none-the-wiser as to what he was all about, where he went and why he was never mentioned again. Poor Wilf was probably embarrassed by his shambolic family and is still hiding out in the loft.

There are probably more. Other long-forgotten elder statesmen of the Street who passed through, failing to leave a mark. Maybe Barry Connor will be different. Corrie needs a older chap with a twinkle in his eye. Watch out Audrey!

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Llifon said...

There is Ken Barlow - the perfect gentleman. And Norris.

Archie Shuttleworth was another one.

And possibly Alf Roberts?

But yes, you need an elder statesman on the soap. We've got female versions in Rita, Audrey and Emily.

Humpty Dumpty said...

I'm looking forward to Barry's arrival and hope he stays for a long time. He has a twinkle in his eye so maybe Mrs C has slung him out. He'd soon have all the ladies of a certain age eating out of his hand, causing grief for Michelle and Steve.

ChiaGwen said...

Norris!! He is the most vile, toady, serpentine piece of dung to hit the streets in years. He would be a silver-haired statesman when the Queen called asking me for tea and paying for my flight over! Get rid!!

They should bring Archie back or did he die?

Tvor said...

Aww i liked Archie Shuttleworth, a very worthy successor to the silver men brigade!

VNubbs said...

Having read this blog for years, I'm finally motivated to comment . ..
Tvor - I agree with you. Archie S was awesome. I would love to see him return to the street.

Scott Willison said...

Wilf was terrifying. And his disappearance was just odd. Maybe Sinbad killed him and buried him in the foundations for the shed?

Anonymous said...

What about Gails dad, Ted?

Anonymous said...

What about Ashley's dad? He was great!

Newfy Pearl said...

Ashley's dad was Fred Elliott - he died.

njblas said...

I think Barry would be more likely to go for Liz than Audrey. This would obviously cause all sorts of complications in Steve & Michelle's relationship!

Frankie Baldwin. said...

Carla will take up with him. She has had both the brothers and the father will complete her conquest of the Connor men (Ryan dose not count because he was switched at birth).

70sStreetFan said...

Not another Connor! Carla's the only bearable one- and she's just a Connor by marriage. Barry's "stage oirishness" is particularly irritating. Let's hope the writers show as little interest in him as they've done with Dennis. Still a mystery why they bothered bringing him back or married him off to Rita.
Must say I disagree with the comments about Keith Appleyard. I thought he had real potential and he and Audrey worked well together.

Newfy Pearl said...

I don't look forward to senior Connor either. Every time I see him on screen I will wonder why that time is not given to Dennis is lovable and charming and funny. He should be onscreen at least once every episode - with or without Rita. lol


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