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Sunday 15 September 2013

Corrie Weekly Awards for Sept. 8 - 13

Hook Line and Sinker award: Everyone believes Karl's excuses and stories about Craig. He's good, isn't he?

Bully award: Karl is really terrifying poor Craig, even threatening his mother's life!

Rip off merchant award: I don't trust Owen. I think Audrey needs a second opinion.

How can I miss you if you won't go away award: As much as she loves him, I think even Hayley can have too much of Roy's company.

Pants on Fire award: Karl convinced Craig to lie that he was being bullied. Sally pretended she had a dentist appointment to spend a few hours with Tim. Beth told the school that Craig has had a tummy bug while he's shoving a bacon butty in his face.

Blinders award: Does Sally not really see that Tim isn't that into her past a bit of hows-your-father?

Evidence award: You can tell what time the photos were taken if you put them on the computer and maybe even a "properties" setting right on the phone.

Time Warp award: Dev got to the registry office in record time, before the vows were even finished.

Judas Kiss award: Dev didn't blow the whistle, he congratulated and hugged Karl instead.

Confession is good for the soul: Unless you're Karl.

The Scene of the Crime award: Karl dragged Stella back to the cellar.

Omen award: Broken caketop, And they hope it's not a bad omen. Duh.

Lines of the Week:
Eva about Tez "Last time he was here he was so in my face he might as well been behind me!" (eh?)
Carla to Hayley re wedding outfits "Don't think you're upstaging me!"
Kirk "You know, sometimes, Norris, You Suck!" (Truer words have never been spoken)
Roy "Life is just one sick practical joke and Hayley is its latest victim"
Audrey "I've got dry rot in me roof" Maria "Even I've heard of that"
Hayley "I want these last few months to be bursting with laughter. Isn't that how you want to remember me?" (aye. we do)
Maria "If all else fails, you can stay with us" (sold. But she didn't really mean it!)
Bully about Karl  "He's a nutter. He wants locking up" (in more ways than one!)
Sean about Karl "Maybe the dry cleaner shrunk his suit and he just can't take it anymore"
Tyrone re women "At the end of the day, we're all in the dark"
Dev "You both look so happy" (enjoy it, it won't last!)
Karl about Craig "That's out of order. That kid is vulnerable" (which is why you terrorized him, right?)
Karl "I don't believe in fairy tales" and "Liar, liar, pants on fire" (ironic, much?)
Grace "You got to learn how to play them, Faye"

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Apple Cobbler said...

Slightly disappointed that the pun "Hook, Line And Tinker" wasn't used, but another hilarious series of awards!

Anonymous said...

Funniest scene in a hostage situation - Karl pours brandy onto a pile of papers in a garbage can, pulls out a lighter and threatens to set the can on fire while holding onto Stella with the other arm. Seriously -was this meant to be suspenseful? Then Stella talks him into going down to the cellar. Why didn't they just leave the pub? If he'd set the can on fire, there is an extinguisher about 2 feet away. Boy that ending was a flop IMO.

Anonymous said...

Digital Spy called their Corrie thread for Friday "Til Dev do us Part"


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